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Myopia Question є13 
Naidana Sairam, male., 18, Vishakhapatnam, India Add question  

Question:    Sir,
I am an student pursuing an engineering course here. I am suffering from myopia right from my childhood. it has gradually grown and now it has reached-RE (spherical -6.25, cylindrical -2.5, axis - 180, V/A - 6/6) and LE (spherical -7.50, cylindrical -2.5, axis - 180, V/A - 6/6)... I am ready do get cured by LASIK surgery.... But it is not allowed here untill the age of 21. My fear is that in order to get a job in govt service here.... the refractive error prior to LASIK should not be greater than 6D.
  So... is it possible to improve my vision to some extent by using homoeopathic medicine? If so which medicine do you suggest?

Thanking you,
Sai Ram

18:24 23.03.2014

Doctor:     Hello! Take homeopathy - Physostigma venenosum 12c - 3 granules under the tongue in morning and evening, untill its get better. Homeopathy you can take for long-term.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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