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Cancer treatment by homeopathy

Begin with, that have studied the general properties and putting in what are known as non-material objects: vacuum, magnetic field, electricity, x-rays, gravity, electromagnetic radiation, and so on. I call them the elements eighth series, and for good reason. Some of them are used in conventional medicine.

Parallel, analyze common characteristics of cancer, to understand its deep essence and not only depend on the theories and histology. Ideally, one should see signs of cancer in humans at the very beginning, when there are only formed track leading towards it. As a result, you can understand the rules under which a reduced risk of developing the disease.

... brings to mind an episode from the film Avatar, in which the protagonist - Jake (he was shot in the spine and can not walk), reflects on the futility of the search of justice on this planet. He is in a situation where help is nowhere to wait and hope only for themselves... Ahead of hopelessness and emptiness - a sense consonant cancer diagnosis.

When defeat cancer body, so to speak, working with tremendous overload (ad nauseam), spending all their energy to fight the disease, so that the available resources it is very little, but if they are not used, but just wait the disease sooner or later will win.

Time for the patient is a valuable ally, and it more than before, the chances of the body and stop the disease. The long search for a cure in this case - a luxury, and you can try to use what is available at the moment.

This is a simple homeopathic medicines - Vacuum, which can be made even on your own.

The vacuum treatment. Homeopathic medicine vacuum can be purchased at many pharmacies in Europe

For manufacture of a medicament vacuum needed:

1. Glass bottle of 10 ml with a rubber stopper.
2. Boiled water - 0.5 liters.
3. Thin syringe with rubber plunger on the end (0.5, 1, 2, 5, or 10 ml). The thinner the syringe, the more rarefied air he can create.


 - First, you need to pour in a bottle (10 ml), 8-9 ml of water. If instead of a small bottle to use a larger capacity - up to 50 ml or 0.5 liter, the medicine may not work, and no use of it will not. The closer to 10 ml, the better.

 - Then close it tightly with a rubber stopper.

 - Next, you need to create in the bottle (in the air layer located above the water) - vacuum (which only you can). To do this, a syringe with a needle to pierce the rubber cover, so that the needle tip was in the layer of air in the bottle, and how you can pull air out of the bottle. This procedure can be repeated several times (just to not cracked bottle).

 - What is the degree of vacuum achieved in the pharmacy making medicine is no information, but the point is that any scattered space can already be used for the manufacture of homeopathic medicines.

 - Now only potentiate the contents of the vial to 6, 12 or 30 in potency.

Procedure potentiating homeopathic medicine (increasing its power):

1. A sharp downward movements (along the axis bottle) Shake bottle 20 times (like liquid inside the bottle you want to punch his bottom). After that, the vial will be the medicine is not at zero potential, and in the first. Now it will be called: Vacuum 1

2. Next, open the bottle and pour out most of the water (the homeopathic medicine Vacuum 1), leaving the bottom of 5-10 drops (a quarter of a thimble). Then add in a bottle to these drops 7.8 ml of water, close the vial and again sharp movements shake the vial 10 times. After this medication in the vial will become stronger and now it will be called: Vacuum 2

3. Then again, open the bottle and pour out most of the water (the homeopathic medicine Vacuum 2), leaving the bottom of 5-10 drops. Then add to this vial 8.7 ml of water. Close it and shake it again 10 times. That would be: Vacuum 3

4. Again, open the bottle, pour out most of the water, add the boiling water, cover it and shake 10 times. Now we have already: Vacuum 4

And so on: the preparation of the vacuum can be vacuum 4 5 of 5 Vacuum - Vacuum 6, from 6s - 7-ku, on 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and so on to 30 and even higher. Usually, homeopathic medicines are beginning to work with 6 potency, and the higher it is, the more energy that is the starting material took the water and transformed into the energy.

Dosage and potency of homeopathic medicine:

More power in man, the more you can make the potency and vice versa. So if the patient is weak, to potentiate the homeopathic medicine only up to 6, 12, or at most - up to 30 potency.

Too high potency homeopathic medicine require a lot of body strength. Energy medicine is not to be greater than the energy of the body - it is better to use the homeopathic medicine with a lower potency than the higher.

Therefore, treatment should begin with the fact that 1-2 times a day to take 3-10 drops of the homeopathic medicine Vacuum 6. Homeopathic medicine in the 12th potency can work 1-3 days, in the 30 th - up to 1 week. Further treatment strategy - on the situation.

Indirect indications of a positive effect of the product:

 - Reduction of nausea (this is an important feature);
 - The emergence of appetite;
 - The disappearance of aversion to food;
 - Gradual weight gain of the body (for cancer is often "lose weight for no reason").

Additionally, you can name another medication:

- Iodium 6, 1000 potency - painful swelling;
- Brom 6 and above - tumors rock density;
- Magnetis polus australis - in 30-1000 potencies - tumor "breaks through" a certain direction;
- Lac equinum 6-12 - disease comes from the constant excessive load-life;
- Conium 6 - to 7 pellets 4 times a day can be taken in any case.

Article is in the works and it will still be clarified. Previously unreleased material anywhere.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

                   February 21, 2013

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