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Space, gravity and time

In the mid-90's, I was engaged in intensive study of the concept of U-Shin (traditional Chinese medicine), and in parallel investigated some elements of the miasma theory (the classical homeopathy). Then, I did it from my own curiosity, as a logical analysis suggests to me that between the elements of the concept of U-Sin and the miasma has some subtle connection, realizing that, we can understand something else more important. And what I learned then, introduced a new meaning in the whole of my life as if it has a new goal.

Investigating theory of five elements of U-Sin (interaction of Yin and Yang creates five elements), I came to understand what is time, which determines the speed of its flow as it relates to gravity, and how it is connected with the creation of matter in the universe.

Speaking simplistically, the rate of flow of time in space should be close to some constant, sufficient to allow the emergence and existence of stable matter in a given volume of space. That is, everything should be as it should be without regard to the will of a living being. And if the situation gets out of control, and an object (space rocket) tries to change this constant (due to too rapid movement), slowing the rate of flow of time in the amount of space duplicate objects, the gravitational mass of an object begins to grow and slow down an object in penetrating its gravitational field. As a result, the temporary distortion of the field is leveled. Object as it gets stuck in gravity, trying to overcome its power, but the more he will be accelerated by burning extra fuel, the more will grow its own gravity, and, accordingly, "getting bogged down in a stream of" gravity the object will be even greater, while its self-gravity does not compress it to the size of the zero-point.

Term gravitational mass itself came to me then to mind, as the mass of any material object and its strength gravitation (in the range of its volume) are directly related. Similarly, found a correlation between time and any other physical quantities - time and mass, time and gravity, time and temperature, time and density, time and inertia, time and speed. This allowed us to understand that the only things may depend on any physical quantity - a Time. That is, time is a kind of common denominator for everything around.

Given this, one could assume that time - the primary, and matter - is secondary, and no matter can not exist without it. The mechanism here is simple - the time can control the flow of energy in space (unspent energy only in a pure vacuum). As a result, energy consumption appears the motion - the motion of charged particles - electrons in atoms, which form the material objects. In this case, the object appears gravitational mass and the object can already be monitored.

Examples of material objects with extreme variations of speed of time is - Black Hole (time delayed), and Thunderball - (time accelerated). Vacuum will be treated to the constant, when the most stable and did not outraged. The term time, I mean the kind of field, which occupies the entire volume of the Universe.

The speed of time can be up to infinity, but only slowed down to stop when all the energy in the Universe has already been spent on the motion of particles and taking into account the affinity of the atoms of matter, one can understand that they are "willing" to take just one point to the compressed size nothing, which is obvious and it was a second before the the big bang at the beginning of the formation of our Universe.

In other words - for a second before the Big Bang there was nothing, as zero-dimensional point, which was concentrated all the mass of our universe did not have sizes. If we go further, given the affinity of the masses, we can understand that, sooner or later, our universe will begin to shrink again, but it will happen no sooner than all the matter in the universe will turn into an invisible dust. Then the mass of dust particles will not have inertia, and the universe will begin his Great Compression.

Be continued.

And some of the benefits to be derived from understanding the primacy of time.

If we take (for granted) that everything in our world is as it should go, then you can get a chance to avoid those places that are undesirable for our stay in a certain period of time. That is, you can develop an algorithm for determining location in space where there will be destruction - tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes. Interesting as would the option to create an electronic navigator for any independent ability to move in the space of a mechanical object (the robot).

The fact that the future for all of us are already predetermined, and personally, I have long been convinced, and the only question that remained open for some time now - this question - say whether the nature of such supervision over the other? After all, if something should happen - it happened it should be anyway, and nothing should prevent this. And anyone who tries to change this course of events, can be removed from the path of nature itself - and this has nothing can prevent it, despite the belief that man - the master of nature.

From the cold - it is possible to warm, the rain - to hide an umbrella, but there is something which is impossible to resist - the events in his life. But as it turned out - by using an algorithm for them can be observed, and predict in advance those associated with the destruction. And earlier, I reasoned like this: - if knowledge of the future are given, it could mean that this is how it should be, but it can and avoid.

But as it turned out, not so easy in this world, and during the development and creation of a test sample device - I myself have faced opposition from its creation, and to resist, it was impossible, as impossible to resist what not control, though within a few years yet managed to approach the goal.

To test this, I developed a concept device at the logic chips and assembled it. In the finished version, with the features necessary for high accuracy, the device could do much, but that requires work of engineers ...

Below I have placed the concept of the device, and his photo finish. In subsequent years, came to the conclusion that the stability of the device you want to improve even further, replacing a block of quartz oscillators to another circuit design with only one generator and high-frequency unit comparing incoming pulses.

Author: Sergey Grigor. 2009.

Schematic diagram of the electronic device

Electronic device

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

                   February 21, 2013

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