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Children with autism

Children with autism - Treatment  
Olga, 35, Donetsk, Ukraine  

Question: Hello, Doctor, son of an autistic 5-year, very afraid of people, both adults and children who are not sociable, we poor there is a slight retardation, develop intelligence, has been eager to know everything that is new, trained with pleasure. Please advise homeopathic remedy overwhelming feeling of tension, worry, anxiety and fear

14:45 01.04.2010

Answer: Hi, Olga! In homeopathy medicines do not suppress a feeling of tightness and other symptoms, and help the body cope with them myself. Tell me more about how your son goes people's fear and desire for knowledge. Parents and close friends of people he is also afraid of?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Doctor! Since my kid is not very good command of speech, the majority of his fears he can not explain. Basically, for us represents a huge horror visit to any doctor, even a pediatrician. Somehow in all the animals we meet walking down the street - "terrible eyes" and unfamiliar aunts and uncles - "I'm afraid of them".
At home or visiting grandparents, Kum, that is, who knows no fear, quite the contrary - navyazchivae attention. He attends a regular kindergarten, in part matinees, but poetry does not say, even if he knows. The classes are not engaged with the children is optional. Homes ready for hours engaged in modeling, drawing, collecting puzzles, blocks, learning numbers, colors, informative computer games. He knows all the letters, trying to collect the letters in syllables. In public places (circus, theater), if familiar with children is relaxed.

11:42 02.04.2010

Answer: Hi, Olga! Got it. It turns out that with acquaintances he was calm, and unknown fears. How do you think your son feels an unfamiliar environment, that it means to him?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Doctor! In general, any novelty, strange people, a change in the usual situation is hysterical depressive mood (from nursery to secondary passed the group, replaced by teachers, for a long time to get used). With children of their age relations are improving faster than adults. Unfamiliar surroundings, I would say it is completely ignored. For example, any question posed to him by a stranger - no answer followed. It takes time to adapt, thinking that this man would not hurt, not nakrichit will not be forced to impose anything. If an unfamiliar environment - a crowd of people, and he alone (without friends) - there will be panic (eyes full of horror), tears and hysterics.

12:51 06.04.2010

Answer: Hi, Olga! You say that the baby tends to know everything that is new, but at the same time every novelty is a bad mood. Is your son tends to communicate with their peers, or they just can not reject, if they are suited to it? That he often paints and sculpts? When he himself had "eyes full of horror" that he may have on your feelings?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Doctor! Thank you very much for what you want to help us. For me, it is vital to adapt them to his son to accept the human society. His communication with peers, I can say from watching him kindergarten. He says, "make friends with boys, girls are bad - bad." Playing with 2-3 hyperactive boys, basically in all of them imitating, taking over their demeanor, it copies (sometimes obscene). In the garden he paints and sculpts do not, but at home makes us do with it: draw a "sun that smiles," lepim kolobok, snowman. "Eyes full of terror" had come from a misunderstanding of their people, their actions and deeds in relation to it.

01:11 08.04.2010

Answer: Hi, Olga! Why choose to play hyperactive boys? How to react to what, if other children try to hurt him, something he has to take?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! My boy, because of their immaturity psychoorganic not quite know how to play with their peers, imitating exactly hyperactive children (something he lacks), he learns and improves. On offense responds differently - may give the offender the date (if it happens at home with his older brother and a close female), and in the garden - crying hysterically.
Another problem is a roadblock - frequent spontaneous chaotic motion with his hands (the inherent many autistic). At the moment of elation, pleasure (a reaction to the praise, approval of something), my sonny rubs his nose jaws, shaking the whole of his emotions overflowing. From the side looks depressing, especially in public. I do not know what to do with it. Advise me what to do?

13:45 13.04.2010

Answer: Hi, Olga! The boy has a congenital or just underdeveloped?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Doctor! To accurately formulate a response to congenital disorders, I have to go back in time.
I got married at 20 years for the same age. The fact that the husband has a younger sister with mental development (mental retardation gr.invalid 2), I found out at 5 months pregnant (her husband and his relatives hid it). I decided to undergo a full genetic survey. Blood test - positive for the presence of abnormalities in the fetus, and ultrasound are refuted.
It was a pregnancy, and my husband and I would very much like the first-born, although there were many pathologies, constantly lying to save. My first son was born with a "bouquet" of diagnoses: hypoxia, malnutrition, anemia, tremors of the extremities. It was not easy, but, all diagnoses were dropped. He is now 14. Ordinary teenager, curious, sociable, learning at school.
I've been unable to answer his eldest son, why his brother was not like all - special. After second pregnancy was perfect, all the tests - the norm. The baby was born perfectly healthy, Caesar (at my insistence), the head physician conducted a professional. No doctor (we are planning visits to all professionals) did not find my boy no abnormalities. Kindergarten neurologist in charge - it is strange to see my son's behavior in an individual stock character.
For the first time he called autistic grandmother, playing with his grandson about our garden. She introduced a psychiatrist (retired), proposed to turn to her colleagues. Psychiatrists suggested that I examine the child in the hospital, his phobias and negativism cut short by psychotropic drugs, I refused. In our country, psychiatrists believe autism - children with schizophrenia. I believe my son is not hopeless. Perhaps this is why I prefer homeopathy.

01:57 17.04.2010

Answer: Hi, Olga! Information now collected a lot, and that each time not to read again, some important points and your reasoning, I'll highlight below:

- "Terrible eyes" (the world of animals or minerals)
- Selectively playing with hyperactive ... (Selectivity, ignores inactive)
- Intrusive to your friends
- Long accustomed to (inertia)
- Ignore strangers, a stranger does not respond (inert, does not come into contact)
- Need time to adapt, thinking that he would not aggression (security issue)
- That will not impose his own (already manages itself, but self-government violated)
- Plays with hyperactive children, copies of their (not its behavior?)
- Draws and sculpts a round, smiling (the feeling of incompleteness? Lack of heat?)
- Lack of understanding of action in relation to him
- Not hyperactivity disorder (calmness, inertia)
- Learning is improved (the theme of minerals)
- Violent and excessive response to encouragement and praise (its "lacking"? - Delusion)
- From the looks depressing, especially for people
- Violations at the genetic level? (DNA?)

Tell me more about what thoughts come to you with these words - "is woefully."

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! It is pleasant to communicate with smart Doctor. In principle, all your conclusions about my child are true. I can only challenge the "lack of heat" and "lack of praise, approval" - I'm living this child, often deservedly rebukes listen to my husband that we should not dwell only on the youngest son, the elder may also be a problem. I fully agree with him, but I can not help myself.
"It looks depressing" - maybe it affects me more, is it depresses me. I assume that those of his neurotic, repetitive movements can be caused by genetic disorders. Hopefully, over time many of the complexes and fears izzhivut itself, and it will evolve and adapt to adolescence. All this is smoothed out and it will not differ from their peers.

19:19 17.04.2010

Answer: Hi, Olga! This is not about the present lack of warmth or praise, but it dellyuziya, that is, reality is not perceived for what it really, and it is very stressful for the body. To quickly get used to good and to praise, too, but in this case, the reaction is violent, excessive (rather than just smiles in response). And what draws and sculpts the round, it is striving for perfection, to be completed, as a figure - a circle. Sun is a symbol of warmth and father, and he strives for it, although in normal man takes warmth and affection more easily. As they say, draw something missing - a sense of man, when in fact it is surrounded with love and care, even excessive.
For the treatment of the child give him only once (only 1 time) homeopathic medicine - Helium C200 - eating out three granul in the evening. After this it is necessary to give the drug to act for 2-3 weeks. Later in 1000 will be necessary Helium (Helium 1M).

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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