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Painful and deep acne on the face

Painful and deep acne on the face - treatment  
Irina, 27, Moscow  

Question:     Hello. Help, please, I want to find a homeopathic physician, to undergo treatment.
In recent years, I have a very strong eruption on the forehead, temples, and where the hair grows, usually on the left temple, near the right side of the nose, chin, in the middle. All rashes on the face of all time, almost to the same places. How many can remember - since 16 years have consistently been smaller eruptions, but not so much as now. Now the rash begins to fall and summer. It is most often internal acne, painful, long brewing.
  The skin on the face of a dense, firm, thick, long and narrow pores. The pores on your face become clogged (turns black dots) within a week after cleansing. Every summer - a struggle with spots after acne until the fall, and from autumn to summer - again acne.
6 years ago similar lesions painful bumps I linked to the fact that since the body has reacted to chocolates. Then these painful lesions were not around six months.
  Now I have another painful acne on my face. Again, I think it's because of chocolates that ate autumn. Some deep acne on his face just pass, and the rest ripen and go outside. All the left temple, above the left eyebrow and forehead of the already stained after acne, which immediately there are new spots.
  I always cleanse the skin, moisturize it, etc. But the impression that these rashes come from within. Recently started using Differin cream. Stains smeared Contractubex.
Desperate, nothing helps

19:55 04.01.2011

Answer:     Hi, Irina! Such deep acne on the face associated with HIV infection, and the fact that the body can not fight it. For the treatment of such deep acne and blackheads on the face, take homeopathic remedies - Sulphur C6 - 5 out of food pellets every morning and evening, and Conium C6 (Conium maculatum) - 5 pellets at night, for a long time.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Sergey V., thank you very much for your reply. In the near future buy drugs.
Sergey V. I to describe his condition would be added. I have a few years (7-9 years ago) suddenly began allergy on her face - large patches of skin that are peeling, flaking skin from them, then the wound healed, and the scab fell away from her again. It was about 2 years. Makeup changed and went to the doctors, but no one could not help.
  This allergy - then declined, then returned again. With nothing to connect it could not. Then there was a failure - after the new year (about 7 years ago) - the skin around the eyes, the corners of his lips were inflamed, burned, wrinkled. Ice cream and helped - a very long time this state was held about 3 weeks, then it became better. Then again this state is not returned, but not as much as the first time. Later it became clear that the skin responded well to the age makeup, as a sister also had the allergy eye make-up on this. But the first time on the face were large patches - why did not identify. During the centuries was allergic to a dermatologist, did the analysis on demodex - I found it. But the cause of the allergy dermatologist could not identify.
  Now, when I sprinkled the whole forehead and temples, I started using differin cream, and as a result I have a few days later there was an allergy to the eyes (upper lids and outer corners of eyes), nasolabial fold, and to the chin. And still allergic to the person does not pass. After use make-up - even more irritation.

04:04 07.01.2011

Answer:     Hi, Irina! In this case, better to use makeup as infrequently as possible. For the treatment of allergy on the face, take homeopathic remedies - Sulphur and Conium that I recommend to you. When the red of the upper eyelids with cracks in the corners of the eyes, you can also take several days homeopathic medicine - Box 6 (Graphites) - in 7 out of food grains under the tongue during the day and night to improve.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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