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Bechterew syndrome treatment

Bechterew syndrome treatment  
Irina, Norway, Oslo  

Question:     Good afternoon. Very interesting and informative site you have! Thank you for what you have, that give hope and help to many people!
  My husband (44 years) with 29 years of age suffering from Bechterew's syndrome. He lives with back pain all these years. Takes a drug Orudis, which slows down the progression of the disease. He leads an active life, takes on a rather complex exercise. He does not want to feel sick and infirm. In winter, he feels pain attacks lasting (up to a month) takes painkillers. Do not complain of pain, very bravely endured bouts.
  In the appendix to this my husband psoriasis, which is also exacerbated in the winter. However, with the inner satisfaction and a good general state of mind, psoriasis is not pronounced. Most of the hands to the elbow, elbows themselves, lower legs and knees are stained and a crust to a greater or lesser extent.
  My husband does not speak in Russian, so I decided to write for him. He is emotional, but emotions and keeps control of himself, determined, very courageous, never for what is not complaining, at the same time very touchy and soft (especially for our dog) is very conservative, especially in the food. Prefers meats and chicken. Smoking, alcohol indifferent, drinks rarely. Height 178 (in the expanded position), weight 70 kg, light brown hair, balding, gray-blue eyes. After reading your site, we have hope, and suddenly we have a chance to alleviate the situation ... Yours!

15:13 10.02.2011

Doc.     Hi, Irina! It is interesting to read the informative letter, and not just a list of diagnoses and question after them - "if it cure?". Treated in fact pretty much the only question is, how severe will be improved and how quickly, but it is important to determine as precisely as possible remedy.
  For the features that you describe, I can not recommend your husband to take a homeopathic remedy - Petroleum 6 (Petroleum) - in 7 out of food pellets every morning and evening, for a long time.
And here's something to think about - there are 2 options:
1. Psoriatic arthritis.
2. Ankylosing spondylitis.
  If this is the first option, and there is only inflammation of any nature, the Petroleum can bring significant improvement, and if this is the second option, then it is much more serious, and according to your word, that "the husband controls emotions and holds in itself," can come to a deeper current of drugs lanthanides. But the most accurately determined by such drugs only during the detailed individual consultation - see Section contact.

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