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Cystitis with hemorrhage

Cystitis with hemorrhage  
Anastasia, 29, Moscow  

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Concerned about recurrent acute hemorrhagic cystitis with pain at the end of urination, and drops of blood, pain in the interval between urination and the general state of chill. Over the past 10 months cystitis was 4-fold (from 02.2010g). Ultrasound of the kidneys and ureters in acute - without pathology. Ultrasound of the bladder - a thickening of the walls. Urinalysis: PH-7, a protein elevated red blood cells increased, the bacteria - a large number. They removed the attack Monuralom, copious drinking. All gone. After 3 days the control ultrasound of the bladder, kidney, ureter - without pathology. Further exacerbation every 2 months with constant discomfort in the bladder in periods of calm. In gynecology smear without pathology.
  Symptoms of cystitis occurred earlier 1-2 times a year (but there were no blood) were taken with herbs (for 2-5 days) for 7 years. But after taking antibiotics (from 02.2010g.) Cysts increased, and the condition becomes worse, more painful, and often relapse. Neither live nor work impossible. There is a constant feeling of the bladder (lying, sitting, but standing and walking better, but not in an exacerbation), burning sensation when seated. Between exacerbations of cystitis, attended a burning sensation in the urethra - when it was done burning sensation urine culture - sow Escherichia coli. Symptoms occur if a little pereterpish. I plan a pregnancy. Thank you in advance.
Sincerely, Anastasia.

01:57 30.10.2010

Answer:   Hi, Anastasia! For the treatment of chronic cystitis, and its treatment during acute exacerbations take homeopathic remedy - Cantaris 6 - to 7 out of food pellets daily in the morning, and Thuja 6 - 5 pellets in the evening, a long time. In exacerbations of homeopathic remedy Cantaris can be taken frequently.

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