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Depression and fears

Depression and fears - treatment  
Natalya, 30, Moscow  

Question:     Hello, Dr. Grigor! Asking for your help. I always feel depression, and compression of the throat, periods of very severe. It seems to suppression of tears, when I want to cry, but you can not, and throat at the same time shrinks. This feeling is almost constant, no matter what.
I feel unattractive, permanently mentally "chew" and analyze the condition, or that failure, I feel the hopelessness of all attempts to change. From this I feel even worse. Completely aside from his thoughts and focus on something else, to the outside world, I almost can not.
Also often have shortness of breath, I can not do a full breath, feel the tension of muscles in the abdomen. I want to sigh frequently. The constant fear of being among the people - I think they all look at me, and I feel it is still worse. Avoid contact, but begin to suffer alone because of this, realizing that it is to me something is wrong. I'm afraid of relationships with men. I can not look directly into the eyes of a stranger.
  I find it difficult to make decisions, even simple, constantly plagued by doubts. Continuous strong internal mental stress. Often there is a desire to die, because in this state I do not want to live.
  In addition to psychiatric symptoms in me as hair fall out, lose their color, and thinning of the root.
I am brown-haired, medium height, normal physique.

23:52 01.06.2011

Answer:     Hi, Natalie! You're talking about outside world... Talk about a world where do you sense you are. How does he feel?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Thanks for responding!
The world really for me consists of two parts - outer, that is all around me, and my inner world. It is very difficult to describe it exactly, and it seems to me, at different times, I would have described it differently.
  I do not feel part of the outside world, I would like a separate, somewhat like a vacuum or as separates me from most insurmountable barrier. I am not able to respond to the feelings of others, it seems to me, and I was not particularly moved by any external problems, because I'm fixated on their own experiences.
  I do not feel like a grown-up, inside I feel age of 16, and the feeling that I'm like stuck at this age. I do not feel inside of hardness, ie in decisions, actions, thoughts.
  Often I am waiting for something to happen and everything changes. But time passes and nothing changes, and from this I have a feeling of disappointment and resentment. Widely perceived as a personal insult.
  Even I sometimes strange desire, which I am ashamed to tell anyone, namely: I'd like to substitute the running board of a running man, or his foot to push a passing bicycle. And I very well imagine how a person can fall.
  Fear of being alone with him, because just starting to go crazy from the constant mental self-examination. In recent times there is a feeling that I'm like a wolf in a cage. I am afraid to break rules.
  The facial expression is constantly frightened and worried with a mournful look.

22:00 03.06.2011

Answer:     2 more questions. What do you like doing in your spare time. Tell any dream that you remember for a lifetime.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Hello, Dr. Grigor!
For body and soul, this is for me, perhaps the most difficult question. Because I was so squeezed in their fears and feelings that have long been of anything does not feel any pleasure or satisfaction. Not satisfied with himself and life.
I like the mood to cook some dish, or collect designer (which I long ago because of age do not do). Since childhood, I liked it the designer, as well as any games and toys for the boys (and machine guns).
  A dream that I remember very well, and I dreamed as a child, age 9-10, can not remember exactly. In fact, it is about anything, but I still remember very vividly and - I dream Zavalinka wood, is quite high, in the street early in the spring and is melted snow. I go along this ledge and find a thawed snow, bits of red thread and coins (made of white metal), I do not remember any advantage, it seems that five rubles.
  In general, all the dreams I have a very realistic, as if I actually see it all or take part in an event, and feel very real.
  Now I am very worried that it is difficult to make a full breath, all the time there is a lack of air, and spasms in the throat. And often a very strong irritability occurs for any reason, aggression, want to do something destructive, or a loud scream with all his might. But I restrained. Maybe it before menstruation, in front of them very poor health.

16:19 05.06.2011

Answer:     Hi, Natalie! Got it. The simplest version of the drug in your case, this is a homeopathic remedy - Calcium ostrearum 30. Take it out once a pellet of food in the evening, and let this medicine is working for 1-2 weeks or longer. More suitable to you a homeopathic remedy - Venus Mercenaria, but in our pharmacies the drug you can not find.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Thank you for your response!
Sergey V., afraid Calcium ostrearum 30 I do not find in Moscow, although necessarily look for. If you have specified a medication at the pharmacy Helios can be there and I find that a drug that is not sold by us (Mercenaria)? Then which of the two drugs should I order if there is both? If I order Mercenaria, in what potency should be ordered?
It is waiting for your reply, thank you!

22:35 08.06.2011

Answer:     You can certainly take (as long as there is nothing else and Calcarea carbonica), but at the same time order the drug Mercenaria 30, 200, 1M to 4 grams. Here is a link to it (Venus mercenaria).

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Hello, Dr. Grigor!
June 11 I took a pellet Calcium carbonicum 30 (so called Calcarea carbonica in pharmacies), may be it was still a little time, but I think that internally a little bit easier and easier it became to breathe. While it is generally in the throat still felt tightness.
Mercenaria ordered.
  I want to clarify further whether it is possible to eat chocolate during the treatment? And when removed restrictions on eating after taking homeopathy? How much time must elapse after the start of treatment?

13:22 15.06.2011

Answer:     Hi, Natalie! The received food in this case does not interfere, no restrictions.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Sergey V., hello!
I told him about his condition after taking Calcium carbonicum 200: A week passed after the reception, in general, I feel better, but at the moment, I had a stressful situation at work and I am very nervous and worried, I can not get rid of the constant anxiety about this, and thought only about that. Perhaps this makes it difficult course of treatment. But inside I felt better, improved mood, in general, though small, but there are better, and I am very pleased.
  Persists palpitations because of any emotion, can not cope with it, it's hard to sleep because of worrying thoughts. Great excitement and some fear there when necessary to defend themselves. Constantly struggle with this.
What are my next steps in terms of treatment?
Thanks in advance!

20:04 09.07.2011

Answer:     Hi, Natalie! Now you can take once a homeopathic medicine - Calcium carbonicum 1000 - outside of eating three pellets in the evening.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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