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Erythema nodosum - treatment

Erythema nodosum - treatment  
Elizabeth, 37, Nizhny Novgorod  

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! A month ago, on my left leg above the joint appeared subcutaneous nodules, which are then flushed and kept still. In addition, the joint began to swell. Rheumatologist determined nodoznuyu erythema, prescribed aertal. The chest radiograph is less normal (no sarcoidosis according to the therapist). ESR - 46, white blood cells - 3.81 -119 hemoglobin. Later, two nodules appeared on his right leg. The diagnosis has not yet delivered (continue to be tested), but doctors say about vasculitis, and in principle of autoimmune disease. I consider it important to add that the fall of 2008 flu vaccine made, after which 3 months. occasionally a sore throat, and in February and March was a lot of stress. In April this year for the first time there was a sharp pain on the left heel when walking (a few days passed). All this is for me like a bolt from the sky (walking crunch in the knee joints is long). Terribly afraid of becoming disabled or not have time to raise a son. Help, please, advice!

12:31 22.07.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! erythema nodosum, it certainly is a serious disease and to identify drugs to analyze a lot of information. Tell us about yourself first.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! With regard to health, still strong concerns about nebylo except Gynecology (ovaries removed because of endometriosis cysts, 2000. And 2004), the third operation - cesarean (2001). The last couple of years, sometimes in the eyes like dark hairs float and periodically flushed the eye (usually after a nap). The ophthalmologist said that it is allergic conjunctivitis, an allergen that was looking for (yet found). In general, the character I'm calm, peaceful man, but nerves were not in the best position: relative health first reaction - panic, then I take myself in hand. For colds more often sick throat, then progresses to the throat. Thank you for your attention.

15:54 29.07.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Got it. What do you enjoy doing, and what you do in life. What kind of stress was in February?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Good day! I work in a responsible management position law enforcement agency. Rukovozhu department, working a lot, resting, as it seems to me a little (I would like more). My job I like, though not always happy. The main reason for stress - fear of anger management, if allowed to work some bugs (with a childhood fear that I do not appreciate, do not like to find a fool, I can not normally exist in a state of conflict). Stress in February related to the verification of my department superior organization. The main reason - biased (negative) approach the inspection, had to constantly justify himself and prove that you're not a thief. I have a good family, I love being at home, chat with friends. I love to read, watch good movies, listening to music, I love painting. Since 1999, do yoga (with the exception of the last year - the son went to school once). The main thing for me - the harmony, trouble in the family, work, health is removed from equilibrium. Thank you.

16:32 31.07.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! You said that "my job I like." What is it like? How to influence your stress, which appear in this thought?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! My job I like the fact that creativity (analytical) activity in it is combined with the monotonous, tedious work, work stable, including in financial terms, relationships of the collective goodwill, respect me, appreciate the subordinates. Stressful situations can stand hard, feel depressed, inside as if something had broken, leaving the land under their feet. Often begin to reproach himself for a blunder, feel an inferiority complex. Sometimes I think: "Why should I have it all, you need to look for work in a relaxed". But when the situation normalizes, these thoughts anymore. Thank you.

13:03 05.08.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Now check the feeling of inferiority, which do you feel about that, "Stressful situations can stand hard, feel depressed, inside as if something had broken, leaving the land from under its feet." And a bit of yoga.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Good day! I think that the feeling of inferiority is expressed in the absence of sufficient self-confidence, depending on people's opinions of me. I'm afraid to make mistakes, negative statements in my address. Talking about feelings in a stressful situation I have described is a momentary negative situation. I think that this reaction is also associated with poor self-esteem, a lack of internal stability, balance. By the way, yoga, meditation, and can achieve a harmonious state (both internally and externally). This is the main thing that attracts me to yoga. I do not know whether the answer to your question. Thank you.

14:29 07.08.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! You said that the activities of "creative" - to clarify this point. And tell us about the "lack of internal stability."

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Good day! The creative part of my job is that as business unit manager, I constantly meet new challenges, I find a way out of situations. At my work does not get bored. Under the lack of internal stability I had in mind that the situation about which I wrote earlier, can quickly get me out of balance, which makes me feel happy is a prerequisite for me to feel that life is beautiful.
Thank you.

16:24 10.08.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! For the treatment of erythema nodosum take a homeopathic remedy once - Calcium sulphuricum 30 - under the tongue out of eating 5 pellets in the evening. After that, the drug should be given to work at least a week. If the pharmacy will then take another and 200s breeding.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Good day! I took 5 pellets Calcium sulphuricum 30 (really a small amount can give a noticeable effect?), But did not understand how to receive 200s breeding. Explain, please. Thank you.

16:56 14.08.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Homeopathy medicines are strong enough, and thus, harmless. I do not know your sensitivity, therefore, for the treatment of erythema nodosum appointed the 30th dilution. And then there are 200, 1000, 10000. You need to take until the 30th, and 200th breeding is even at home, in the future, for it is likely to come.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! I want to tell the latest news about his condition. Since receiving Calcium sulphuricum 30 and a half weeks have passed. First, no new sensation was not. Three days ago, noticed increased salivation (mainly in the morning) and evening (from 18 to 21 hours) has raised the temperature to 37 degrees and then she falls (today, however, 37.5 and still holds). I have already said that I accept appointment to Aertal rheumatologist (one and a half months of one tablet per day at night). So I really think of him if not side-effect (a few years ago cholecystitis). Erythema without improvement. Yes, as I have all the difficult and unclear. For you, doctor, and hope to homeopathy. Thank you.

22:43 20.08.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Homeopathic remedies do not give side effects and complications, but they can cause immune system to normal. In this case, the body "begins to notice the" pockets of chronic infection (previously "seen"), and begins to fight them. As a result, temperature may rise, or may be other symptoms appear.
  This is the natural course of treatment. After all, the task is not to suppress the disease (erythema nodosum) for some time, and to remove the cause of the disease, and therefore herself. But this disease can, in turn, consist of dozens of supporting its constituents to be removed. Therefore, if after a single dose, even at very high dilution that something began to change, then you need to wait on and do nothing. The temperature in any case do not bring down, as the body tries to get rid of the disease, and conventional medicine to do it just do not give.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! Again to report about his condition: erythema passes - residual effects, re-tests: ESR is still 45, hemoglobin 146, Tr 286, Le 10.1, RF and LE cells were negative. According to the CT of the chest no pathology. I feel generally good, although sometimes I feel a little knee and ankle joints. Please reply about my future actions to continue their treatment. Thank you.

15:49 28.09.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Given that the erythema nodosum responded to homeopathic medicine and gradually began to take place, should continue to have taken the drug to work, without interfering with its action with other drugs. Must wait for further improvement and yet moving forward, nothing new take.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! A few days ago noticed a new site on the leg. Periodic discomfort in the joints are still there. I would like to hear your opinion on this. Thank you.

20:53 03.10.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Repeat the medication at the same dose.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! Since its re-taking the drug for almost a month has passed: a node on the leg has not passed, yet new, state of health is generally good, although last week there is a slight discomfort in the throat. Another blood test showed a decrease in ESR from 45 to 28, but there was leukopenia - white blood cells 2.7. The doctor insists on early admission Metipreda and Plaquenil. And I really do not want. Frankly, on the one hand taking these drugs with their awful side effects I was very scared, I hope for the effectiveness of homeopathy, and on the other hand, I'm afraid to start a disease, to get even worse consequences. Sergei V., advise me how should I do in this situation. Thank you.

13:47 29.10.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Erythema nodosum - a very persistent and serious illness, and she does not give up easily. But if the blood test shows a reduction in inflammation, the healing process is gradual. Now repeat medication - Calcium sulphuricum 30 - 1 pellet 2 times per week (2 more weeks).

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! All the while taking Calcium sulphuricum 30 - 1 bead, 2 times a week. Older units have passed, no new. Sometimes in the evenings become itchy skin at the bottom of legs. Periodically, there are sensations in the liver. New blood tests have not yet rented. Which mode to continue the treatment now? Thank you.

00:49 27.12.2009

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Now take the medicine for a granule only one day a week.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! For the past 3 months I take a drug once a week. He feels well, no new nodes. The only discomfort - often occurring at night itching in the legs (which were previously sites). I would like to know your further advice. Thanks in advance.

00:34 11.04.2010

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Now, if you can, take a single homeopathic medicine - Palladium sulphuricum 200. One pellet of the drug is dissolved in 50 ml of water - let the pellet to dissolve itself for 10-20 minutes, stir and do not stir. Then take the pipette out a drop and drop it in 100 gram bottle with 70-80 ml of water. Close it and shake 10 times dramatically. Take one teaspoon.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr.Grigor! I continue to take medication Calcium sulphuricum 30 - 1 per week. He feels well, no new nodes. Itching of the skin on the legs (where the nodes were used) has passed without receiving Palladium sulphuricum 200 (could not buy it). Sometimes make themselves felt the knee joints.
  In June of medical tests: they have improved - ESR 12. I would like to see further guidance (previously advised you to buy another 200 dilution of drugs - gained). Thank you in advance.
P.S. Thank you very much for your work. I cheered, there was hope for a full recovery. You could help in situations where traditional doctors shrugged their shoulders and discharged and the strongest drugs. May God grant you health and strength to your noble cause.

13:05 14.07.2010

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Keep taking your homeopathic remedy Calcium sulphuricum 30. 200th breed do not take drugs. The decline in sedimentation rate (ESR) shows the explicit reduction of the inflammatory process to normal. Thank you for your kind words.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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