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Paresis abductor muscles of the eye

Paresis abductor muscles of the eye - Treatment  
Olga, Moscow  

Question:     Hello! The boy was diagnosed 6 months: paresis of abductor muscles of the left eye. Optometrist said that it will not cure. Can anyone help homeopathy? On the part of the neurologist's all well and the only problem Ophthalmic. Now a child 1 year and 10 months. Thank you.

15:26 11.12.2010

Answer:     Hi, Olga! Which way's left eye sees the child?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Hello, Dr. Grigor! Eye of the child stares straight ahead and right to the nose. If you have to look to the left, the eye remains in the center. When a child looks straight, then his eyes he did not mow, completely smooth, but if he has to look sharply to the left when he did not have time to turn your head, you notice that your eyes do not move is friendly - looking to the left-right and the left remains in place. Is there any chance to fix paresis abductor muscle homeopathy?

20:53 16.12.2010

Answer:     Hi, Olga! I understand you. Topic medications with your updates now become clear, but how well the body will react to it until I can not say that, as the child is very young, and more online conversation we have with you was not there. But it is completely solved, as Moscow city, and homeopaths in Moscow a lot, so that if necessary you can always refer to any of them for help to the child could see quite often - at least - one day a week.
  The second complication is that drugs that will be needed during treatment, must be ordered in one of the online pharmacies in Europe, London - pharmacy Helios, or the Austria - pharmacy Remedia. Links to both of these pharmacies are in the section of the site - Homeopathy.
And there is another difficulty - not all drugs are even in these large pharmacies, so I have treated more than a simple drug than needed (the other lanthanide salt). Instead, a homeopathic remedy - Promethium carbonicum, for the treatment of paresis of the abductor muscles of the eye, take a homeopathic remedy - Promethium muriaticum .
  In fact, you do the necessary preparation is very difficult - a rare earth metal Promethium does not exist in free form on earth, because it is radioactive and is exposed to radioactive decay, and it was only created in the laboratory. Now it is produced from by-product of uranium decay, or by neutron bombardment lanthanide - Neodymium (146) and turn it into a Neodymium (147) after which he, by ?-decay into element - Promethium (147).
The list of homeopathic remedies that are needed:
1. Neodymium carbonicum C12
2. Neodymium carbonicum C30
3. Neodymium carbonicum C200
4. Promethium muriaticum C12
5. Promethium muriaticum C30
6. Promethium muriaticum C200
Order they should be on 1-4 gram, grain size - 3. When these drugs you will contact me. Book the best in London.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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