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Treatment of phobias by homeopathy

Treatment of phobias  
Tanya, 38, Novosibirsk  

Question: Hello. I'm 10 years old can not leave the house. Phobia. Panic attacks and panic. More difficult to decide to go during the day and in the heat. When it's dark and cold, there is at least a chance. There was mistrust, fear of death. Persistent thoughts of suicide. Apathy, lethargy, constant fatigue, in the morning. Forces no matter what. There is no desire to live. Tearfulness, irritability. Heartbeat. All the fear, as it were in the abdomen and leg weakness. It has become ill right hypochondrium. After the meal, and at the slopes. I'm afraid of gallstones. Very thin. Badly want to have, but did not go, feel nauseous, as if everything inside is compressed, like cramping and can not do anything to shove himself. In the morning, cough, sometimes vomiting.
Help, if possible.

14:26 05.09.2010

Answer: Hello Tatiana! What difference does that leave the house during the day or when it is dark? How does it feel? Describe in detail the fear of death.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: When it's dark less alarming. When I go out, all the while waiting to see what I will be ill, vomit, lose consciousness, the heart is bad and so on When it is dark, is not it a shame that they see and feel secure that I can not see that I can sit, lie down, and it does not attract attention.
  I'm afraid of dying, helplessness, the moment when the body is not being heard, but the brain still works, but do nothing you can not. The panic, the feeling that there is no way out, gasping for breath. A bit where kolnet - blood rushes to my cheeks, head, sick, twisting his stomach, his legs give way, sweat, heart, hands trembling, dizziness, weakness, dry mouth. Presyncope, and that's the feeling of hopelessness, oh, I'm going to die, panic, fear and even a stay at home.
  With strangers the same feelings. At such moments at home with your family calm. but sometimes a faster calm down. Last time here with these feelings I wake up at 4-5 in the morning, get up, and gradually returns to normal.
Thank you for having responded.

06:08 08.09.2010

Answer: Hello Tatiana! Got it. To get started, accept treatment only once (only 1 time) homeopathic medicine - Arsenicum fosforikum 30 - out of a food pellet in the evening. The weaker the effect will be on the receiving Ammonium phosphoricum. This medication is a pharmacy Helios, a link to a pharmacy, see website - Homeopathy.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Sergey V.. September 18 took ammonium fosforikum. It became a little better, but with 19 to 20 there was a lot of stress, and the condition had worsened, although I have twice walked once in the afternoon. For the third day I can not really do a shove, I'm hungry, but very sick in the mornings before vomiting. Severe stress, reduces jaw, muscle twitch, the stomach as a node reduces.
  I wake up at 4-5 am. Severe anxiety provoking more problems with menstruation - something they are delayed, then go through 2 weeks. Now, since September 11, at 2 weeks after the last one, podkrovlivaet, misses. like just passed, and after the stress has become stronger, but misses brown, not like a month. and the smell of yeast. Abdominal sensation of cold, sometimes pulling back. Pugh Remens. I am afraid that there is something serious, a tumor or inflammation, as screened is not possible because of the phobia. And this can do something to help?
  And what do I do next with a phobia? Now I can not relax because of women's issues. Help.

20:50 22.09.2010

Answer: Hello Tatiana! Stressful situation may take the medicine, and after that the drug is the need to repeat again. Homeopathic remedy chosen by common attributes and feelings of man will treat his many illnesses, even those about whom he consulted during not say, because they will still be the same general symptoms that have and the underlying disease (for level of sensations).
  That is, you have to be such a tactic: periodically take a homeopathic remedy - ammonium fosforikum. And then try to find Arsenicum fosforikum, and additionally, in view of recent experiences - drug Lac lupinum 1000 - you may need it later.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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