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Infertility and its treatment

Infertility and its treatment  
Oksana, 28, St. Petersburg  

Question: Hello! I am concerned about irregular menstrual cycles and infertility. Doctors diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. In 2007, ectopic pregnancy (right tube removed).
  In September 2010, addressed to the homeopath and he appointed me natrium muriatikum 30 once in the morning. After receiving the facial skin became less oily and acne has decreased to the forehead. Cycle lasted 40 days next 35 days and 29 days. But after moving to another city cycle again began to increase to 35 days. Again appeared dull pain in ovarian region. On the recommendation of a physician, I repeated the technique natrium muriatikum 30, but no such result.
  I'm not high (158 cm), weight 59 kg, fuller hips, compared with the body, hair, brown hair, light skin is prone to fat and shallow acne scars, acne often appears on the cheeks. My husband and I very much want a child.

19:18 22.05.2011

Answer: Hello Oksana! What are your characteristics, what are you different from all others? (Weight and eye color to that have no relationship)

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor. Thank you for your response. I am very sociable, easy to find a common language with people. Looking for some easy singles. It is easy to learn new skills. I love the attention. Always I bring it through. I like to work. Always follow their appearance, although in the past as a teenager, was sloppy. I do not like to be late, but always come out at the last minute. Sometimes going in myself that I have to close even bother, so I paid attention to them. As a child, was very shy and unsure of herself.

23:40 24.05.2011

Answer: Hello Oksana! What do you like doing in your spare time? Hobbies? Bring any episode from his childhood that you remember.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: I do hatha yoga, hatha yoga teacher I am. My hobby and my work is the same. I like to be in the company, I like to discuss different topics of interest to people. But despite all my extraversion, I tend to retreat. I love nature walks. especially near water. I love cats. Very fond of the sea, coast, love to swim, and just dive to a depth and consider the nature of the water. I love to live outdoors in a tent on this feel solitude and harmony with itself.
  As a child I remember as a kindergarten teacher hit me with my sandals in the face of the fact that I lost it, and she had to find him. Mom I do not believe that the teacher hit me, and three days later I got sick of mumps virus.

14:59 25.05.2011

Answer: Tell us more about his work and about privacy.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: I have been teaching yoga exercises. I love it. I like to feel like my body is strong and flexible from these exercises. I love to teach, I love when my clients come good results from my practice. I mostly specialize in promoting health through yoga exercises. Spiritual practices, I do not teach, I think that person must come to them.
  Solitude in my life makes me realize that I want to make decisions, to understand how I feel. At such moments, I do not feel lonely. I'm beginning to understand clearly what is going on inside me, like looking at my life by.

17:07 26.05.2011

Answer: What's it like to look at their lives from the outside? With what it is like?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor


Question: When I look at my life from the outside, I imagine I was interested in the situation or the subject very clearly and distinctly. I can be in your mind the different scenarios of a situation, I was very dreamy. I often scroll through the dialogue in my head. At the time of such representations can I watch this imaginary situation from the outside, like in the movies, as well as I can to present themselves at the center of these events, but not from the outside, but as it is.

21:42 05/31/2011

Answer: Now I understand. To get started, accept treatment only once (only 1 time) homeopathic remedis - Lanthanum carbonicum C30 - no meals 3 pellets in the evening, and let this medicine is working a month or longer.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor. After your recommendation faced with the fact that I had Lantanum karbonikum order from another city, because in St. Petersburg homeopathic pharmacies it was not. After taking the drug was 4 weeks. The most amazing thing that I am currently pregnant and a period of three weeks. Ie Conception and the drug occurred almost simultaneously. It goes so quickly acted medicine or my body during this period so worked - is unknown.
  Now I feel good, but sometimes there is anger, but I attribute this to changing hormonal levels. The only thing that bothers me - it is yeast, which is manifested by itching and redness in the genital area and sticky secretions. It appears not always, but mostly after the sweet, and then decrease its manifestations, but do not go to the end.
  I also noticed that in the legs increased the number of flat warts, whereas before they were few, now all they have just littered with calf, and this is manifested in the last 2 months.
Thank you, Dr. Grigor, for your participation and support.

14:27 19.07.2011

Answer: Hello Oksana! Effect may come quickly, so that the effect of homeopathic Lantanum karbonikum the body is likely and may even go a month or longer.
  Since warts you so far nothing better to do, and for the treatment of thrush - take a homeopathic medicine - Graphites C6 - 3 out of food pellets daily in the evening, to improve it.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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