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The defeat of the lightning strike

The defeat of the lightning strike (July 7, 2011)  
Olga, 30  

Question:     Good night, Dr. Grigor! My sister was struck by lightning 07.07.2011g. In open countryside. Result: The burns on his chest (a gold chain around his neck was wearing) and some belly and burn on elbow, right arm, swelling in the left ear. Upon impact, lost consciousness, artificial respiration. Very concerned about frantically, pulling pain mainly in the muscles of the shoulder and right arm.
  Build lean, sinewy can say, in life an optimist, but very concerned about the idea that fails to have a baby: the original silent miscarriage, then miscarriages, her sister 28 years old.
  He loves milk, plant flowers, loves children. Now in the hospital, put the system with glucose and vitamin B1 + analgesic injections. Cause a burn ointment levomekol, foam Burns.
  Tell me please what can be done in the first place to remove convulsively, pulling pain.
Thank you in advance!

00:40 12.07.2011

Answer:     Hello, Hi, Olga! Come under attack lightning and stay alive - it is very rare, probably at your sister is a Guardian Angel ... The voltage of electricity at such a discharge between cloud and earth in the middle reaches one hundred million volts, and this is extremely dangerous to life, not to mention the danger of powerful electric discharge lightning to human health.
For in this case, ideally, need a homeopathic remedy from the world of non-material objects - Electricity. The drug is called Electricitas.
  Take a homeopathic remedy - Electricitas 30 (or better - Electricitas 1000) - can be 5 pellets every 10-20 minutes, or more often, until the termination of frantically pulling pain and overall improvement in health, until recovery.
  Additionally, you can take a homeopathic remedy - Arnica 30 (or 6-1000) - 5 out of food pellets every 20-30 minutes, until improvement, then less often. For the treatment of burns can still use a homeopathic remedy Kantaris.6 - 7 pellets under the tongue often, until the termination of a burning sensation in the affected areas and the beginning of scarring. This preparation often helps with any burns (boiling water, steam, etc.)
  Given that the drug in our country is not found in pharmacies, although if desired it can be easy to do, try searching for it for homeopaths of the city, but if nobody can find, you can drive up to me in Ivanovo, and I will give him , or do it yourself, although it is not straightforward. My phone 8-964-921-85-33.

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