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Multiple sclerosis - Treatment

Multiple sclerosis - Treatment  
Helena, 35, Ukraine  

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Please tell me if you can help in multiple sclerosis homeopathy, I feel relatively well, are concerned only butterfly in the body (the main symptom), very emotional, incredulous, I love to be a leader. Tremors in the body manifested by vibration, as if am in the mixer, when there are heavy attacks - can not sleep: not visually evident, but it seems to me that I was very tosses. I feel devastated afterwards. Diagnosis does not scare me, just want quality life. Looking'll wait for an answer, in advance grateful to you!

01:55 07.07.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! Describe the feeling more "'m inside the mixer." What kind of feelings at the time you have? What is it like "inside you"? And tell us about yourself.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Grateful to you that responded to my problem. About me: height 168, weight 51 kg (weight lost rapidly during February-March - 6 kg for no apparent reason), his eyes gray-blue, hair dark brown. In character: swinger, appreciate humor, "long harness, but quickly going!" I love to read history and philosophy. Of the products I prefer meat and fish, desserts without live peacefully. I am very fond of animals. One little point: the passion for purity.
  As for the trembling of the body: I feel it constantly. During the day, not a strong shudder - "as if" peremerzla in the cold and shivering in the body, like a cell phone, I feel tremors in hands and feet weaker. Outside the sensation as if the sting, the skin pinched and burns. By night, these sensations are amplified, but not always. I forgot when my body was calm, and used to live.

18:10 07.07.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena!
1. What is the relationship between internal and external burning trembling? What began earlier (in the beginning) or all proceeded in parallel? How does it feel for you is more important and gives more inconvenience - butterfly or burning skin?
2. Tell me more about that "long harness, but quickly the food!".

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Thank you for your reply. Internal and external burning trembling unrelated: they can exist separately or be at the same time. At the very beginning had begun an internal tremor, and after four months there and the feeling on the skin. More inconvenience delivers what is happening inside me and burning of the skin can somehow endure. Butterfly lowers the quality of my life. I sleep on your back (feet crossed at the same time) or on the right side, covered completely, I sleep very peacefully.
"How long harnessed, but rapid food" - I think that is a feature of the Russian character, and it applies to me, I long doubt, do not hesitate to act, taking a long time, but if "darts off," it is virtually impossible to stop - go to goals.

17:57 16.07.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! In what situations you can think long before you start work? Tell us about some bright, remembered your dream.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Thank you for your questions. That is the dream which I remember very little and even frightened:

- I went to a neighbor, we're standing in the kitchen and go to the same elderly strangers. Someone hung me from a cross of red wax on a string with a strong smell of incense. Includes the priest and asked, does not irritate me if the smell. I said no. Here we saw sitting on the bed fool in a long green shirt with a long face, he prophesied with rolled eyes. When I approached him, he said: "The father is surprised fertility of your mind. Decker house building. Kids will not. Why so acquire? Heavily live." He talked all this is supposedly in the name of the priest, though he said nothing. After that I went out - was the rain and I went home. In the last dream I saw our house was destroyed, although no one was hurt. About the situation: for example whether to build us a house or not. In general, I ponder for a long time all the domestic issues - especially money.

16:11 18.07.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! I wonder ... And what you felt at the time the fool in the green shirt that said? Describe your feelings just (in detail). And that felt when a house collapsed?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Thank you very much for your reply. As for the dream of holy fool, I caught every word with avidity. When it is "broadcast", holding my hands and I wanted it to be talked and talked. And when I walked home under an umbrella, I was sorry that he spoke little. In the dream I had no knowledge that I am ill, I just wanted to know more about his future.
As for the dream of home. I was seized with despair, hopelessness and despair. All we have lived - had collapsed and that will have to start from scratch, it will be difficult, difficult, almost impossible. Fear for his life was not, but there was fear that we will not have no money, no strength to recover. And I was ashamed of her husband (he was a mason), he has constructed a quality home for themselves, as people he builds nice homes. I was afraid it would be bad publicity for him and he will find a job.
Goodbye. Sincerely, Helena.

21:48 21.07.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! Got it. Your emotions and even the theme of the dream with the senses at the same time, they say that your medicine belongs to the world of minerals, namely, to the third row of the periodic table. Therefore, taking into account all you will need to take 1 every five pellets of homeopathic medications - Silicea 30. A week later, it will show what has changed. If after this will be a rash or something else, then do nothing and write.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Thank you for your appointment. I have already phoned in Kharkov and learned - I will manufacture the drug. And my question: during menstruation can take the drug or not, and what products are excluded (tea, coffee, mint) for this. Sincerely, Helena

14:19 23.07.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! You will need to take this medication only 1 time. That is, not once a day, but just one time (once), and it does not take more. Products from the diet can not be ruled out.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! After receiving the Silicea started early awakening at 4 am, then drowsiness during the day. In the morning, as soon as opened my eyes - a lead head, heart palpitations, trembling from the outside. By 6-7 hours of state easier. In the first three days was stiff, "like a hoop," ribs, knees, hands (wandering from left to right), increased sweating (chest, back). On the 4th day - fighting sensation in the throat, cough, swollen tonsils sense (there are none) and as someone holding a hand to his throat. During the day there is an internal sense of anxiety for no reason. In the evening, when lie down in bed, just abruptly starts burning body. Simultaneously, all feelings: nettle, crawling ants, as if I'm inside the bag with the ants, crawling and biting his lips and tongue. I fall asleep and wake up with it. Dear Sergey Vladimirovich, please tell us what to do next.

09:31 04.08.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! The disease is very deeply impressed the body, and therefore, in the course of treatment may occur before symptoms of depression, which are currently relevant to this disease. The body "pushes to the surface," everything that had accumulated, and the best tactic in this case, do nothing and wait. After you have taken a dose of Silicea 0, 0000 ... and so 60 zeros after the decimal point. Apparently, your body is very sensitive, so you all feel. Many of your symptoms are saying about the medicine Lachesis, but if it is taken, the course of treatment will be stopped. So, now better wait and take nothing. Silicea 30 operates about 1 week, so soon everything will start to subside, but most of it has been taken

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Grateful to you for your reply. I would like to have something to find out. You're right on the 6th day, I became much easier during the day, I even bother in the courtyard garden, but the evening being deteriorated, but not slept badly and woke up around 7:00. And the whole day went well. Sorry, but I do not quite understand, what's next (week after admission was). During the period of my illness I was one such detail is not asked about my symptoms and for some reason I now pleased to communicate with you and even there was a moral relief. Doctor, you mentioned Lachesis. Could not specify what medication I need and when. In a city where I live there are no homeopaths or the homeopathic pharmacy. I have to ride 100 miles in Kharkov for the medicine. Sometimes in his state of health I can not always do it yourself, so I would be prepared in advance. Sincerely, Helena.

02:24 06.08.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! Lachesis is not needed, and he may not be needed. Just at the time seemed "on the surface" of his symptoms, that's about it and said. Given the nature of the disease, treatment should be carried out very gently, so that nothing is worse. Therefore, even if already taken the drug acts in the future. On average, it acts a week, but sometimes much longer. This time before a new dose, could prevent around, so let's wait another 1-3 weeks. Watch now for the general well-being, of life force - compared to what it was, and mood. If there is anything to appear on the outside (skin rash), then in any case it does not touch or no smear.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Thank you for your reply. On the 8th day after taking feel like a healthy man: nothing is shaking inside, outside, barely perceptible tingle of the skin, head clear, there is no gravity. Step movement and springy, no clear constraint. Mood remarkable. Sleep is good, without waking up. Rash (tiny white pimple) behind the ears, I do not touch. Thank you for feeling better. I will continue to watch and wait. Sincerely, Helena.

20:53 07.08.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! If health continues to improve, and with a rash on the outside, then the healing process goes well.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Felt myself all day just fine, but last night started feeling like the common cold: fever inside and outside the undulating and rest and in motion, but the usual attacks were not. Today was an early awakening in 5 hours, 15 minutes palpitations (heart almost every morning upon awakening), a sense of high temperature (36.0), pulls throat runny nose (the end strong and transparent), a very strong weakness. By 10 o'clock there was only weak as if I am with fever on his feet. Sergey V., please tell us so it should be? I would not like to disturb you often, if it is quite possible reaction of the body, then I will patiently wait for improvement. Sincerely, Helena.

11:20 12.08.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! Any changes that are now, just wait, and it is very important - they do not suppress! That is, do not shoot down a fever, do not take antibiotics, vitamins, etc. Otherwise, the treatment can stop. More precisely, Silicea will try to work on, but conventional medicine will not let her do it.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! After receiving the Silicea's been seven weeks. During this time the mood was different - good and bad. Worst of all was an exacerbation of hr.bronhita (flowed approximately 11-12 days), then was a terrible weakness, but it was not my usual attacks from the outside left a slight burning and tingling. Six days ago, I again began to feel unwell: cough, but not as strong a sense of temperature (during the day 36,0-37,0) and weakness. After the slightest fiz.nagruzki quickly get tired. Dear Sergey Vladimirovich! I would like to continue with the treatment you have. Maybe you need to go to your own site. In this case, would like to learn more terms of correspondence. Sincerely, Helena.

23:36 12.09.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! Site www.homeo.su - this is my personal website. Therefore, to continue the correspondence here. If, after the Silicea 30 You do not take anything else, take it again. Dissolve 5 pellets in 150 ml water 200 gr. containers, and shake (sharply) 10. Then take a teaspoon. On effect will be seen whether further work is 30th breeding, or need to go to 50 or 200th.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Thank you very much for your reply. I do not accept other than Silicea. The 17th I parted it in water and drunk, as you said. After admission to the 1st day of the mouth was sour taste and a sense of baked tip of the tongue. The weakness is gone, the cough is also gone, no hoarseness, temperature is normal, sleep good. Inside - a quiet (its way occasionally). Ceased to throw in the pot outside shivering persists, but is weak, more active in the evening. Every day there are new acne (face, neck and legs around the ankles). Rash on my feet itch. On the third day was trouble right leg: no elastic knee and ankle, even visible from the knee in gait turns out. But I myself do not feel this, as leg cotton. Even during this time had a dream, maybe it is useful to you. Growths on his neck as chicken liver, red and bloody inside, hanging knobs, and I hide them so no one could see, running away, crying, that I began to look so ugly. Perhaps that is all. Thank you for your attention. I'll wait

22:34 25.09.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! Interesting dream, and he speaks of a certain miasma in homeopathy. And it always help in the selection of medications. Rashes and acne does not smear. Now, from the 30th breeding make 50th and also take a time in the water. The method of manufacturing drugs is described on the website under "homeopathy".

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Thank you for answering. October 1, I took 50th breeding a spoon. Sleep is good, no headaches, his right leg has become more resilient and stronger in no worries. But outside was scratchy ant: in the morning upon awakening sensations of crawling ants all over his body when I get up and begin to move after 10 minutes, these feelings subside and the day I could barely hear them, again in the evening all the stronger. Yet these feelings are amplified at any time of day with increasing fiz.nagruzok. What else is so worried about squeezing the ribs, back and waist in the evenings. It's as if someone squeezes and pulls me to the edge with his hands, abdomen, lower back. Hair is also in poor condition: fall, thinning, tired, dry, oily at the roots, it is difficult to comb. Even today I had a dream: that-a part of my house is cut off (like cake) and I see the people scurrying around and trying to put my husband large windows, and I was crying and asking why the house has fHelena, and I do not want those windows.

20:58 08.10.2009

Answer: Hi, Helena! Symptoms that occur during treatment with the outside, it's better not to touch, unless they are part of the disease. When the medicine starts to run (the feelings), do it, or take in a pharmacy Silicea 200. You will need to take it in diluted form. (One pellet dissolved in 30-50 ml of water (not shaken), then take out a drop and put it in 150 ml of water - the water 5 times dramatically shake up and take 1 teaspoon).

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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