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Myopia and astigmatism - treatment

Myopia and astigmatism - treatment  
Catherine, 24, Minsk  

Question:     Hello, Dr. Grigor! I am a student of the 6th year of the pediatric faculty BSMU (Belarusian State Medical University), going after the courses are homeopathy (read Haneman, Kent). I have a problem - the average degree of myopia and astigmatism OD =- 2,75; OS =- 3,75. Can I take Ignatia 30 (if so, how?) Or do I need something else? In advance, thank you!

21:32 27.11.2010

Answer:     Hi, Catherine! Ignatia can take ... But to what end? From what you write, you can see that you have a myopia of different degree of right and left, meaning that goes double for the control of the brain in such a vision. Therefore, most often, the homeopathic remedy you need to choose products from the mineral kingdom, namely, a group of rare earth elements - lanthanides. In other words - disturbances in the body is very deep, and to choose a deep-acting medicine. And even more profound effect may have only radioactive elements uranium series - Actinides and a number of drugs Intangible Objects - Black hole, Electricitas, Laser red, Luna, Positronium, Vaccum and others.
  Therefore, at this stage of the dialogue is hard to call a homeopathic remedy, knowing almost nothing about the person. In the repertory of Kent, in the "eye" (astigmatism) - Unknown Tuberculinum drug, and yet this symptom (astigmatism), encountered in the description of Lilium tigrinum. Why, you are staying at Ignatia?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Thanks for your reply. I have already sent a letter, but forgot to tell you about my vision. I have 12 years was a beautiful sight to 1.0, and then (literally within a month), my vision has unexpectedly sharply dropped by half (perhaps it was because of the frequent quarrels of my parents, who in 2 years yet divorced, but the relationship with I established my father only two years ago).
  I was prescribed to wear glasses, but I enjoyed them only when I had to see something from the board, and at other times did not wear. Then I went to university and began to wear soft lenses (every 2 weeks to change them, filmed at night), held from them 4 years and noticed that the vision has fallen: OD =- 3,5 and OS =- 4,5. I decided to abandon the lens and bought a book Norbekov, worked on it and my vision at 3 months improved to OD =- 2,75 OS =- 3,75, and this standstill, that is 1.5 years have passed, but it is not moved anywhere.

14:42 28.11.2010

Answer:     Hi, Catherine! How do you feel when you look without glasses and without soft lenses? What thoughts come at the same time?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Hello, Dr. Grigor. At first, I thought that nothing I can see without the lens (in glasses, I did not like myself and so embarrassed to wear them all the time, I ordered an ophthalmologist, and only wore when I was very much needed) and then gradually got better vision and I had a desire to reach my previous excellent view, but for some reason the process was in place! But, I still do not give up and I'm confident that I can achieve recovery with the help of a permanent job with the eyes and now homeopathy!

21:26 10.12.2010

Answer:     Hi, Catherine! Got it. Begin treatment with impaired vision that once (only 1 time), take a homeopathic remedy - Cerium carbonicum 30 - out of eating 5 pellets and let medicine is working for 2-3 weeks. After that, you may need Cerium carbonicum 200 and 1M. This is just one of the lanthanide salt.
  In our pharmacies these drugs do not exist, but they are readily available in the online pharmacies in Europe, particularly in the London - pharmacy Helios, and in the Austria - in the pharmacy Remedia. Links to these pharmacies, see the section of the site - Homeopathy.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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