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No pregnancy occurs - Treatment of infertility

No pregnancy occurs (Treatment of infertility)  
Tina, 30 years  

Question:     Hello Dr. Grigor! I'm about a year and does not protect not get pregnant! The first pregnancy also occurred six months later. Was on the ultrasound 3 times, they said no dominant follicle matures. Did not want to take hormones. I have irregular cycle, a prolonged, sometimes for 40-45 days. No pain there, only a little before menstruation pulls back, and chin rash appear. Sometimes (though rarely) due to climate change or stress, rather than monthly are just small brown discharge.
  I myself on the type of figure astenikov, dark hair, dark eyes. According to the character - emotional, with frequent changes of mood, even a little hysterical, is prone to exaggerate. Can you please tell me that you can take to get pregnant? Thanks in advance.

15:14 07.06.2010

Answer:     Hi, Tina! For treatment, take homeopathic medicines - Sepia 12 - and 5 food pellets out every morning, and Pulsatilla 6 - to 7 pellets in the evening. Folliculinum may need later.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Hello! Thank you very much, Dr. Grigor, for the purpose. I accept everything as you said. The truth of the last cycle did not come in time. This is after I started taking sepia. Later, on days 10-15, and then, has not yet adopted the grass upland womb (she helps me with delays). But I was much more calm, balanced. Inside I was feeling disappeared anxiety, stress. I'm not fixated on the details. Thank you very much!
  I wanted to ask me to continue to take all of the old-style or need to change something? And I wanted to write about one point. I have a very great fear. Fear of death of my loved ones. I understand that such fears are at all, but I have it as a paranoia expressed. It should be someone from the family not to take up the phone for half an hour, and I started panicking. Before the eyes of faces terrible pictures of death. When I was just thinking about it, breaks breath, rolls chilling horror. I think if my family something to happen, I just can not survive it.
Once again, thank you, Sergey Vadimovich!

13:20 20.07.2010

Answer:     Hi, Tina! Now, when the energy of the body is not to maintain constant tension and anxiety, and to maintain health, strength you will gradually be even greater. Receiving Sepia need to change - will now take - Sepia 30 - 1 granule 1 time per week in the morning. Pulsatilla leave as is. And when you find Folliculinum 30 - take 1 grain (only 1 time) on the day of ovulation estimated.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Dear Dr. Grigor! Hello! Thank you very much! I got pregnant with your help! I am very grateful! I wanted to ask, should I continue to maintain pregnancy, something to take? I sometimes have a tone and, as I wrote the entire first pregnancy I had a threat of termination due to hormonal problems (increased testosterone) and thick blood. Thank you.

16:07 13.08.2010

Answer:     Hi, Tina! Thank you for your good news! Congratulations! What are the pregnancy? As there is an increased tone of the uterus?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Hello, Sergey Vadimovich! Thank you very much for your congratulations! Gestational age about a month. In the evening and the morning there pulling pain in the abdomen. And during the day, right in the ovary, there is stitching is not very strong though, but it still delivers the discomfort. It is not letting go for several hours. But in general, feel good. Thank you!

18:40 15.08.2010

Answer:     Hi, Tina! The fact that there is pain in the right ovary, it is not good, because this pain is characteristic of the drug - Apis (bee). So, to help the body cope with this situation, take - Apis 12 - in the form a lower pellet in a glass of water, and as soon as granule falls to the bottom, just type a teaspoon of liquid from the glass and take a little holding it under your tongue . Next time, let the pellet to dissolve completely. And then, on a bead in the morning and pain in the right ovary. And so on until the right sensations cease. E-mail every week.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Sergey Vadimovich, hello! So far I have brought pain medication Apis right over. Or does it take? Remained simply dragging pain in the abdomen and lumbar region. But they do not always happen. In the mornings and evenings, usually. Abdomen, as it were strained. Dear Sergei Vadimovich, you are helping me a lot! Once again, thank you!

18:17 22.08.2010

Answer:     Hi, Tina! Apis at least once, take a commitment, as it can help to pass the first 3 months with no more quietly.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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