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Delayed speech development

Treatment delays in speech development  
Irina, 32, Kurchatov  

Question: Hello Dr. Grigor! My daughter is 3 years 9 months we stvyat delayed speech development. That can be taken out of homeopathy. Girl born of her second pregnancy, second, birth to 40 weeks of pregnancy. Birth was the stimulation, a long time to be born head, prevented scar on the cervix. Born obmotanaya cord around her neck 2 times, cried out at once. By Apgar 8 / 9 points. Vaccinated by age. Developed by age, was often ill and otitis laryngitis. From features - somewhere in a year was throw tantrums and banging his head at the same time (now this is rare), bite children, toys are not divided, and even selects the foreign children (very greedy). Sleep restless (talking in his sleep and sweats). During pregnancy, somewhere in the 5 weeks of my father died, I was very nervous, as almost the entire pregnancy toxemia was not able to eat meat, salmon, sweet. Preferred bacon, vegetables, milk, ice cream. Thanks in advance.

10:42 27.06.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! What exactly is sweating during sleep in a child? Girl hot or chilly? Describe your feelings after the death of his father.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello Dr. Grigor! Thank you for your reply. In the sleep sweating face and neck. The girl is hot. After his father felt a strong sense of guilt that he had died, that not how it was able to help. There was a feeling almost physically, that half of me was taken away. The fact that, in the first pregnancy I had my grandmother died. It turned out however because of the appearance of my children someone close dies. Sister at the time even said that it would be necessary to stop this child that no one else would have died. Thanks in advance.

17:15 01.07.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! Got it. For the start of treatment give her daughter a time (only 1 time) outside of meal in the evening 3 granules homeopathic remedy - Natrium carbonicum 200. Then you have to wait 3-4 weeks.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Dr. Grigor! She gave her daughter three pellets Natrum karbonikum 200 per night, single as you advised. It took 18 days, began to talk more, but still far from sversnikov. How to continue the treatment further, please advise. Advance very grateful to you.

11:51 13.09.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! Treatment of such serious violations did not fast, therefore, the treatment has been slow. The medicine is already beginning to act, and therefore, its acceptance has not yet been possible to repeat a few more weeks. When you see that the progression has stopped improving, then the dose can be repeated in 1000 for breeding. Give one time a pellet.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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