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Treatment of vertigo

Treatment of vertigo  
Irina, 43, Russia, Perm  

Question:     Dear Dr. Grigor, hello! Confirmed my worst fears of an earlier treatment. In addition to injecting "Zeel T" doctor prescribed method Argentum nitrikum 200 / 1 time per month to 3 pellets (from spring 2008 will not be accepted). The result you know. I ask for your consent to appeal to you. I would have joined the ranks of your patients on an ongoing basis. Do you have these, if not, may make an exception for me? The Internet allows full communication. It is waiting for your consent, please do not refuse me.

08.01.2009 10:26

Doc.     Hi, Irina!
Yes, you can I be treated by correspondence through the Internet. All correspondence can be conducted here. For the purpose of treatment would need to find out in detail - traits of your character and passion for food and unusual sensations, if any.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Good evening, Dr. Grigor! Please consent to treatment you on an ongoing basis. To answer any questions. Sincerely - Irina.

17:14 08.01.2009

Answer:     Hi, Irina! You must first determine the characteristics of your body. Describe:
- What are your character traits, but rather, the main character trait.
- Addiction to food (1 - 2 of product), what most attracted?
- That there will never be?
- Is there a need for something inedible, cheese, dry (chalk, charcoal, sand, raw potatoes, dough, stuffing, paper, etc.)?
- What position you prefer just to sleep?
- You are hot, or chilly?
- How about the fact that you sympathize, you need it or not?
- What you may have fears (darkness, loneliness, snakes, mice, lightning, etc.) can be left any children's fears?
- What you like doing in your spare time, for the soul?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Hello, Dr. Grigor! Right answer.
1. A workaholic, a lot of plans. Difficulties with the end (I can not stop). Sanguine + choleric. Mistrust, temper quickly subsides.
2. I like dishes of chicken eggs, meat, fish, and sweet. Feature: very hot tea, coffee, first courses. Or very cold. In this case I can not stand swimming in hot or cold water.
3. Mutton hate. I do not like beer, black and brown bread.
4. I love the smell of lime, chalk (during pregnancy eaten. As a child, "Lisa" from the plaster walls.
5. "It would not have been nights." I sleep with your head held high (because of vertigo). Feature: lifelong desire to stick his feet out from under the blankets, leaving the private body.
6. Hot.
7. Not very much sympathy. When you try to ill health to retire. As a child, do not put their parents informed about their diseases.
8. I'm afraid of death, dogs, snakes. Aversion to spiders and worms. I'm afraid of height and depth.
9. Free time is very small. Throughout late. A lot of cooking, like cleanliness and order. Knit, sew, read. Sincerely - Irina.

11:50 09.01.2009

Answer:     Hi, Irina! More questions:
- You do not have freezing feet, and you are looking for them a cool place, or prevents them from a blanket?
- You carry the good ice cream, milk?
- Can you look into the eyes of strangers?
- On what themes are reading the book?
- Provision for sleeping on a cushion of low increase dizziness? And there is no difference on what side you lie down, roll over on the other side, or lie in peace?
- You can wear a high collar, scarf, jewelry around his neck? Neck that does not stop?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question:     Hello, Dr. Grigor! Right answer.
1.Nogi (and hands) are almost never freeze, even though constantly wet. In bed, blanket feet (perhaps) prevent
2. Ice cream and milk do not like. After eating a feeling of fullness in the stomach (without changing the chair)
3.Smotret eyes do not like strangers. I try to limit the scattered look
4.Knigi different: philosophy, medicine, and detectives. I do not like history, military issues
5.Ne love the low position of the head from childhood. In the gymnastics section could not make a "bridge", coups on the uneven bars at the general good flexibility (the fear of vertigo +). Outside the dizzy in bed makes me change the situation. The left side is worse. Deterioration in the same position. Numbness of the hands is a small change in body position. Between bouts of trying to sleep sitting
6. I tried to put the beads around his neck. Turf!
7. On the body a lot of red dots (liver).
  Today, third day of admission Chelidonium 6. Urine brightened and become transparent. Coincidence?
Sincerely - Irina.

17:47 10.01.2009

Answer:     Hi, Irina! If I understand correctly, the deterioration in your condition long-term peace? And the fear of vertigo since childhood?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Yes, the fear of vertigo (and nausea) since childhood. Deterioration, in peace.
The first bout of vestibular vertigo 20 years ago occurred in patients receiving hormones (Bisekurin). Then there was an arrhythmia, ed.eritrotsity.
Impairment started after the installation of the uterine spiral (resonance?) In 1993. In the course of treatment at the Department of a large number of hormones (danoval, danogen) started drug-induced hepatitis, massive eritrotsituriya, joint pain, dizziness nevestibulyarnoe. A total of 19 before the end of unconfirmed diagnoses. Condition has stabilized homeopathy (Sea of ??various monotherapies, which helped - I do not know). Straightening of lordosis in 2006 led to a sharp deterioration.
  Today. Urination: input = output. Bright, clear. Dizziness and decreased arrhythmia. I wanted to live! Added feature: a lot of mucus in the stomach, intestines, throat. Chair - habitual constipation, designed "peas." D.b.ostroy food, not salty. Favorite flavor: sweet and sour (cranberries). Sorry for the confusion. Sincerely - Irina.

18:24 11.01.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! Now you can assign your treatment. Will you take homeopathic medicines:
1. Sulphur 6 - to 3 pellets under the tongue every morning.
2. Rhus toxicodendron 6 - to 3 pellets daily at night.
  Lachesis 12 - continue to take 1 pill in the evening one day a week every day. After normalization of urine color, Chelidonium not take. If you are feeling pain under right shoulder blade, then resume taking it again.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! There was a tolerable pain in liver area (just below the ribs and in the gall bladder) + under the right shoulder blade. Did an ultrasound. Pancreas and spleen were normal. Liver not enlarged. Echogenic density increased with attenuation in N / O type hepatosis. Common trunk of 10 mm, 8 mm right Vienna. Gall Bladder 80 * 29. Content is uniform, the walls of 2 mm, sealed. You can still poprinimat Chelidonium? After all, the whole was better!
1993 record raised the patient card in May, "adenovirus conjunctivitis" + "scabies" in question (!!!). Treated for fixer and sulfur ointment, although the pathogen was found. Body scratched and bleeding, especially when taking a shower (the water). Sulphur 6 ordered. Thank you very much. Sincerely - Irina.

19:10 12.01.2009

Answer: Good Evening, Irina! If there is pain under the shoulder blade, it means that Chelidonium body is still needed. Take it all the time in the evening.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! We report the results of the treatment.
1. Improved psycho-emotional state.
2. Significantly reduce the appearance of vertigo, and even "instant coups." I sleep lying down.
3. Stable water regime: input = output.
4.Umenshilis rush of blood to the head, almost disappeared overall sweating.

Now the problem:
1.Popytki cancel Helidonium lead to changes in the composition and amount of urine within the next day. Up to now accept. Under the right shoulder blade pain, no, but there is occasionally a feeling of constriction and compression + in this area appeared very itchy.
2. Yesterday, at the baseline medical examination revealed an orthopedic suddenly (???) different length legs. Left shorter. We propose a correction of the pelvis with subsequent application of lumbar corset krestsovogo strong fixation. It is strange that "discovered" the first time at a constant check-ups. What do you recommend in this situation?

17:48 21.01.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina!
1. Treatment is continued without change, but about action Helidoniuma, we can say that it has an effect is short, but fast, and therefore, it will need to take a long time. And after a while, the improvement will be a more persistent.
2. Now for the difference in leg length. I think that this can not focus at all. Since the "sudden", she could not change it and just found out just now. In general, if you look around, it's very difficult to find people whose hands and feet would be the same length. And this is not the symmetry is not considered "not normal". You can ask any person sitting at a table to put your elbows on the table next, and forearms and hands folded together, holding them vertically. And look (in length attached to each other toes, what their arms are longer. I have not yet seen the arms of equal length.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: And more. Can I start a regular cleansing of the liver complicated decoction by Ilyin (always use):
- Oats + + rose + leaf birch buds cranberries knotweed + corn silk. Not interfere with my treatment?
- In the morning Sulphur-6 (3 pellets)
- Night-chelidonium 6 (3)
- Before going to bed, Rhus tox (3 gran).
- Optional: 1r/ned. Lachesis 12 (1 gran).

And the last. What is the duration of administration of monotherapies? What should I tell to adjust the treatment? Sincerely - Irina.

18:04 21.01.2009

Answer: This will not prevent cleaning treatment. Need to take medication to cure. To adapt the treatment to one every 2 weeks, or slightly less likely to report changes that occur during treatment.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Repeat the message. In the coming days, extended our agreement. Stable condition. Dizziness almost do not feel. Thank you very much! Agree Sulfur and Eng daily. Helidonium tried to cancel does not work. 5-day concern to cramping in the abdomen. Start slightly right of center and then spreading in the transverse colon. In the daytime, often, different intensity, duration 5-6 s. Especially after the tilt and strain. On palpation pain center - right middle quadrant. Frequent belching empty air, almost constant. Of food intake does not. At night, no worries. Noticeably pale spots on the outside of the right hand side (above the wrist). Strange group of moles. Not prominent, and slightly recessed. Form the outline of letters and symbols: G, S, circles, triangles. From the water turn red. No itching. Drink the infusion to cleanse the liver, stomach pains are not binding. Sincerely - Irina.

21:45 13.02.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! In those days, when not taking Helidonium, you can take - Carbo vegetabilis 6 - 5-7 pellets for 1 admission. The need for homeopathic medicine Sulphur is still there, Rhus tox - called into question. But better yet take it further.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Abdominal pain have been on their own. Returned from the last visual seizures: in front of his eyes glowing spiral of the links. Within 5-10 minutes. number of "units" shall be increased from 2-3 to set, situated around the perimeter of the field of view. The individual pieces are black spots and stir it all together with each other. When a "screen" is full, at one point it all disappears. The attack lasts from 10 to 20 minutes. Frequency of 1 every 3-5 days. State at this fair, the head is not spinning, and after did not hurt. The number of tiny red dots on the skin of the chest and abdomen. Under a magnifying glass - burst capillaries. Located just under the skin, not protruding, itching, no, but a lot of them. Carbo began drinking 6. Here are my news. In general, state-good. Sincerely - Irina.

20:40 16.02.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! Thanks for the clarification on the points on the skin. Lachesis yet cancel. Glowing spiral before the eyes were once long ago? After that they come from? Whether they were associated with some symptoms still?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Glowing Spirals first appeared at the beginning of the 1st pregnancy in 20 years. At first she was afraid, and then used. At one time, wore dark glasses with a. In use this state is transferred more easily, there is little difference between the image and built-in black spots. This may not stain, and areas with absence of black images. If you close your eyes, I see the red and the spiral flowing through the bed of bright spots (blue and whitish). In the 90 years of repeated attacks several times a day. Consult your doctor understand: useless. I myself am not really able to explain, but I do not understand and like. Then, in the '90s, after the weakening of the process noted above his left eye protruding wreath. Since then I have it very visible. I think this process is associated with hormones and an "empty sella turcica." Pituitary lines the bottom of the saddle (on MRI), and somehow affect the optic nerve. Lachesis Saw 1 / p in week one pea. Spots began to appear on the hands. Sincerely - Irina.

17:04 18.02.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! If you are the main symptoms temporarily improve symptoms, which were many years ago but ok. Refine these luminous spirals appear in the open or closed eyes? They are in sight or on the periphery? A dark stain? If you are open, can we at this time to see the surrounding objects, to read? Depends on whether it is the body position or exercise?
Clarification on drugs:
1. Sulphur 6 - reduce the dosage to 1 pill in the morning.
2. Lachesis cancel.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Spirals appear with eyes open, regardless of time of day, suddenly. If you mentally divide the entire visible picture on the 100 pieces, the first appears on the center black piece, which shimmers red spiral of 2-3 units. Darkening of the black pieces are from the periphery to the center, with the spiral one, but it increases in size and increases the number of links to 8-10. Overview gradually tightened. Fusilli not going away from the center, all the time shimmers in red, as if alive. Unreadable. The text can be seen in pieces. After filling out the review at the 70-80% instantly disappear all the "extra", as if nothing had happened. The fifth day of such attacks were not. As for the return of symptoms.
In the intervening period remembered the many forgotten sores. Fracture of the finger, abdominal pain, pain in the breast, pain in the knees. Symptoms come and go, sometimes several times. Here and now 3 days greatly hurt his right knee. Suddenly, gone, left sick. Mazhu no, not Grey. I hope that this "self" will take place.
More about the spiral, if close my eyes during the attack, then the black background of bright red spiral (as in the old el.plitke), and at the top of one another fly the blue and gray balls, similar to a comet, with a "tail" ( they are also bright and iridescent).
More news. The fingers (except for a large) no crescents. Now there (except little finger), small but distinct. Fewer burrs. Had often burst blood vessels in the hands, usually by injury (at work with a knife, needles). At the same time was a sharp pain and a massive bruise. At this time two vessels burst, but the pain was weak, and the bruises were in the next day.

Congratulations on your upcoming holiday! I wish you the female attention, man of charm and good health. Sincerely - Irina.

15:03 20.02.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! Thanks for the good news. Now let's cancel, and Sulfur, too, that extra doses of drugs do not interfere with the body fight disease. Let's wait another week.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! Reported on the status. In general, all consistently good. True heavily aching left leg. Pain (ache) on external surface of the back, deep, with a concentration in the knee joint. Increases gradually to night, with the emergence of a small swelling and stiffness in flexion. On the morning of this sensation is almost absent, only slight dull pain in the knee in flexion. The harbinger was the feeling of hypersensitivity of the skin in the lower back and legs to the knee. It started with the right leg over. Left-so far only increased. And more. On the border of the century eyes and mucous membranes appeared to pass a few pimples with a white head (like barley, only painless, with a slight itch). As a child, had a lot of barley in combination with blepharitis. Eyelids are still redder than usual. In a break from medication 2.21.09. Here's the news. Sincerely - Irina.
P.S. Indelicate question: What is your zodiac sign, if not secret?

13:36 27.02.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! Let's wait another week, and while taking nothing. Those symptoms that appear gradually pass away. Most importantly, the body is now stronger.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! I am writing late, waiting for the change of state. Until now, pain in the legs, the left is much stronger. Subjective - the pain out of the hip joint with a concentration in the knee. Left knee still swelling tyazhistost without which stood 7 days, with the strengthening of the evening. Feeling aches fly (bone pain), from hip to foot, and localized hot spots in the patella on palpation, motion and spreads his legs. Aggravated by walking up the stairs, down - is worse. Standing crunch in the knee joints in flexion (this from childhood.) I am glad no dizziness (rarely, very easy and bystroprohodyaschee), the lack of "spiralek" in the eyes, the stability of urine (bright and clear). Maybe a coincidence, but still has not recovered urine, pain in the legs were not. With the advent of pain in his legs - the color, transparency, input-output of urine - apparently perfect. Using the ointment "Hondroksit." While nothing is taking. Waiting for your further instructions. Sincerely - Irina.

22:35 14.03.2009

Answer: Hi, Irina! The disease is looking for an exit, and with proper treatment she moves from the inside out. Likewise, it is in acute diseases: infection - fever - a crisis - the output of sweat (or rash), and the disease is gone. A case of chronic diseases, the direction of another disease - from outside to inside. Suppressed the symptoms, fever, diarrhea, sweating in the armpits, sweat on the feet or rash ointment - and the disease went into ...
So - was dizziness disappeared "spiral" in the field of vision returned to normal color of urine - it's a good move for health. And meanwhile, the disease goes out through the joints. And it's better not to interfere with the body. But to ease, you can accept at a hunk bones - Eupatorium perfoliatum 6, and once more take Causticum 6 - only 5 grains.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

______ Good evening, Dr. Grigor! Today recognized the very important thing. I live without antidepressants! Almost two years prior, I fell asleep and woke up with one thought: the hopelessness of the state. Loss of interest in life. And today caught myself thinking that there were plans, ideas. Wow. Yes, and general condition - nothing to complain about. THANK YOU! Sincerely - Irina.

21:12 22.03.2009

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