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Excess weight (bariatrics)

Excess weight (bariatrics)  
Natalya, 36, St. Petersburg  

Question: Hello, dear Dr. Grigor! Weight during the growth of 173 cm 82 kg. Baby 1 year 1 month. at GW. Not to say that I eat lots of food, easily enough I do not have all day. I try to eat healthy food, but can eat tons of sweets, as well as smoked and salted. Personally I feel a slim and athletic (although apparently it is not). The ratio of the weight, as to the chagrin of some. Ashamed when naemsya sweets, and generally when naemsya.
  The total state after my pregnancy much has changed - there were frequent dizziness, irritability, and even then with some fits of rage (just starting to cry). Once dropped in the street on level ground. When talking to people it seems that the other person face somewhere swimming, the fear that I will not see his reaction to my words, but physically the whole body twists as though, as after physical training. Even worse is the memory. And there is a feeling that in the eyes, the film can be seen is unclear. Thank you very much.

21:32 16.02.2010

Answer: Hi, Natalie! Tell me more about the feeling of annoyance with which you compare the weight. And more about the sensation that the person interlocutor somewhere floating - what does it feel?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor. Thank you very much for your reply. You know the feeling of disappointment I have is that, I feel I'm tall and athletic, but in reality, see my chubby tummy (a barrel), and a nuisance: - how can that be? Where did? Reality does not match my idea of myself. In general, I tend to idealize everything, everything must be right.
  A person interlocutor, as it begins to blur the contour, that's something like that. And yet, perhaps this is important, I sometimes taste blood in my mouth, for some reason I think so, what is the taste of blood. It happens sometimes in the morning, sometimes during the day, evening, it seems not. With something to link its appearance can not. Actually, I was always a stalwart in terms of health, but now I'm just a broken trough. Thank you very much, Doctor! I will wait for a response.

08:10 18.02.2010

Answer: Hi, Natalie! Based on your words, you can see a contradiction - on the one hand, you feel slim and athletic, but on the other, compare ourselves (by feeling?) With a "broken tub." Why?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, dear Dr. Grigor! Let me explain: slender and athletic, I feel, probably in relation to excess weight. That is, I do not feel I can see only in the mirror, and then the feeling of disappointment, inconsistencies and apparent sense. That is, it's as though on appearance. And in about "the broken trough" - a feeling about my well-being, health or something. These sensations are living separately from each other.
  Feeling "the broken trough" appears in my day and this morning I'm fine. And when it's dark, I feel comfortable with yourself at all in terms of health, though again a contradiction - I am afraid of darkness, afraid to see something or someone unexplained (probably a ghost.) But the sense of "the broken trough" appears every day, so if you do not analyze their state depending on time of day, it seems that it is not ceasing.
  Still, I'm always cold, always sleep under a blanket, do not put up with a draft, just sick cold - temperatures above 37. Thank you very much!

11:09 21.02.2010

Answer: Hi, Natalie! Tell me more, it feels like (the broken trough)? You have already compared their apparent reflection or being with him. Tell us more about that. Better if it is described as feelings and experiences.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! My feelings are as follows: there is an ache in the neck, legs, hands, becomes easier when you begin to massage. The same voltage appears in the eyes, too, wants to wipe them. The head becomes heavy, I would say not heavy, and even cotton, as if clarity is lost. After the pregnancy (my caesarean) has emerged is a sensation in his arms around her fingers (the cuticle), as if sore, stabbing, pulling no pronounced pain is felt at a voltage of the fingers. But apparently all is well. It seems to be feeling wrote. Thank you very much, looking forward to the answer!

10:25 28.02.2010

Answer: Hi, Natalie! Now I understand. Take a single dose (only 1 time) homeopathic medicine - Ammonium phosphoricum 200 - 5 granul under the tongue out of food in the evening. After 3 weeks, write down what has changed in that time. And also find a pharmacy, whether it for you to prepare Ammonium phosphoricum 1000?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Dr. Grigor! Unfortunately, nowhere can make Ammonium phosphoricum, even 200, let alone 1000. Only the largest 30. Can you please tell whether it is possible to make such a dilution, and in what quantities. Thank you very much.

21:42 18.03.2010

Answer: Hi, Natalie! Take a homeopathic remedy - Ammonium phosphoricum 30 - 3 out of food granul every morning and evening for 3 days and then wait 2 weeks. Medicine in the higher dilutions, there is a pharmacy and Helios Remedy, references to the pharmacy section of consultations (left).

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

Question: Hello, dear Doctor! Two weeks after taking the medicine. It seems to me that I became more calm, there is no such a violent reaction from screaming. Quite easily sat on a diet, the result of minus 6.5 kg. Began to feel less "broken trough", although there are still feeling aches. Please tell me my future actions. Thank you very much.

18:32 13.04.2010

Answer: Hi, Natalie! All right. In this case, take three granul drugs Ammonium phosphoricum 30 - by 3 granules 1 time per week in the evening, and try to find a cure in 200 dilution.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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