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Excess weight after pregnancy

Excess weight after pregnancy - treatment  
Elizabeth, 33, Stavropol  

Question: Hello, Dr. Grigor! I have a huge problem with obesity! During the pregnancy I gained 35 pounds and now weigh 83-85 kg - 170 cm with an increase in general weight for me was always a problem. Since childhood, I love to eat, and always has been plump, had suffered badly and why complexes, tried in vain to lose weight. But I managed to get it only at the institute, when moved almost to starvation, after which the weight for many years before pregnancy, kept at 57-60 kg, while well-nourished.
  Sport activities in terms of weight loss, as I noticed on their own, practically do not give any positive results, but only a hard limit in the amount of food (up to complete starvation), diet, and reducing its impact on the admission weight. But now you can not starve, like as not will power, and I feel that this method is not me on the shoulder, possibly due to their age (I am now 33 years old). I was unaccustomed to such a mockery of themselves and still want to eat.
  Em, I think, not too much - I can completely give up meat, fat, sweet (though I love ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate and crunchy all - chips, bread, crackers) and other unwholesome products, as is happening now, but the weight stands on the site. You want something juicy, refreshing juice in packets but I'm not really liking because of their high caloric content and the abundance of sugar.
  I drink a lot - green tea, mineral water, brew, juice, can even plain water. The only hard limit or reduce the size of portions. I find it easier to skip lunch altogether, than to postpone the half portions of their dishes (I will take a supplement because I know that there will be a sense of saturation).
  Excess weight causes great discomfort, as I myself embarrassed (I think that I could not go to the beach, the thought that I would see a thick acquaintances, friends and relatives, but everyone just a matter of great annoyance). Horrified when I look in the mirror and dream again regain its once extracted with sweat and blood slender body. And how would not take myself so thick (on the unconscious), and it seems to me that I was still slim, as before pregnancy, well or slightly better and it will be reset once the summer.
  I do not want to buy myself a new fat clothes, and in its course does not fit perfectly. Resentment, disappointment and despair that I gained weight, that I was inclined to be overweight and I have practically torturing himself to death to lose a little bit again. In despair I see that I can not control your body, removing excess weight, and nothing can change. Understand what is really little that I can help it, with her weight, but can not stop hoping and searching for some new techniques and methods for weight loss.
  About me: I fish and snake. I love to swim, or just be near the water (sea, river, pond - whatever). I love to dance, have a sense of rhythm. I love the summer heat.
  By nature I am quite a selfish person with a developed pride, quite active, I do not like, irritable and fatigued much of a hiccup. I'm stubborn and unyielding, but not stubborn and not goal-oriented, although their plans, ideas and dreams just do not refuse, even if I understand their lack of realism at the moment. I am a perfectionist, but due to lack of resources, time and effort in recent years has largely come to a compromise. Sometimes become very slow and lazy and can not do anything - I do not want to do.
  Yet I am an optimist and a dreamer, quite a creative person with a sense of humor, love to laugh (including at himself) and amuse. But in recent years become increasingly querulous (including because of domestic discontent and discomfort is from his appearance). I love my family, although I can sometimes be very gentle not, cutting and irritable with your loved ones want to have my house to be "in nature and in the comfort of" (although I understand that in the short run, this does not shine) and I would like 3 - 4 children (although I'm afraid that will not have time and can not due to age and health). I do not like people ungrateful, greedy, arrogant, cunning, who is trying to manipulate or command, pompous, and many who imagine themselves about, difficult to communicate, or confined to your mind. New contact is not so easy going, although I am a sociable person, emotional, sensitive. Like not stupid (two higher education and wide interests), but still very naive and trusting.
  At the moment there is no hobby (two children - 3.5 years and 3 months. Occupy my time and attention), and generally like to do something with his hands (a lot of what fascinated - miscellaneous needlework, stained glass, all kinds of crafts, but also fast enough cooled down, I'm interested), just do not like gardening.

10:15 20.06.2010

Answer: Hello, Elizabeth! Interesting post, and if you select it in the keywords you can come to the kingdom of minerals, the group lanthanides, namely, a homeopathic remedy - Praseodymium metallicum 200 (better - Praseodymium phosphoricum) and after 3-4 weeks, if need be, you will be able to take Praseodymium metallicum C1M. Take it one time (only 1 time) outside of meal the evening of 5 pellets under the tongue. This drug has two pharmacies, they have links to a section of the site - homeopathy. One of the homeopathic pharmacies in Austria. If the 3-4 weeks after taking the medicine is something in the body (even at the level of sensation or weight) will vary, the potency of 1000 do not take. Link to a homeopathic remedy in a personal message.

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