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Homeopathic remedies from Austria (Eisenstadt)

Homeopathic Pharmacy Remedia (www.remedia.at) located in Austria (Eisenstadt), has the largest list of homeopathic remedies and medicines, even here more than in the London, but not very large list of actinides and almost no homeopathic remedies belonging to the group of non-material objects.

Pellets packed in plastic transparent bottles, placed in an additional white plastic bottles. You can order the homeopathic remedies in vials from the weight of 1 gram. Krupka small as a poppy seed - which is nice if a medication given to infants.

To order medications, you must first register at the pharmacy. Login is used by E-mail the site visitor.

Would like to mention that the Austrian chemist have a great set of lanthanides and their salts, as well as homeopathic remedies from the animal kingdom - many mammals, insects, birds and marine animals.

By increasing the size of the photo packaged homeopathic remedies, you'll be able to see how homeopathic remedies are rare in the pharmacy Remedia.

And there's another important point for Russian-speakers - at a pharmacy employee has Remedia (Irina), which is well said in Russian, so that if necessary, all questions arising when ordering medications, you can specify it in a conversation on Skype. Skype Name is on their website under contact.

Homeopathy medications from Austria

Rare homeopathic remedies from Austria

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                   February 21, 2013

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