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Treatment of female infertility

Given that many women have trouble conceiving naturally, I decided to tell you in this article about some of the causes of female infertility and treatment options for their homeopathic drugs (monotherapy).

Any woman sooner or later there is a need to have a baby, because apart from her, no one can extend the human race. This is a serious step, and hence the increased attention to the decision - to be or not to be yet another new life on our planet.

Naturally, there is the desire of every woman to have as a healthy baby. In the realm of animal species survival often depends on the number of reproduced born offspring, and our children need good health.

That factor in neonatal health can to a large extent depend on the age of the woman we all know as the less human chronic diseases, the better.

Many say that without the use of hormones before conception is impossible without taking into account the fact that the hormonal status of the female body is very often responds well to homeopathic remedies, which are not inherently hormones (medicines from plants, animals, minerals), and in arguments immediately think of the placebo, which, in contrast to the homeopathic medicinal products does not affect the infant, wildlife, aquarium fish, and so on.

Causes of infertility:

Reasons for infertility may be many, but the result is always the same. We can say that there are objective (pregnancy), but there is no movement. Here are a few situations in which there is a normal conception of a child:

Uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes 1. Ability to conceive a child is primarily dependent on the condition of the ovaries - the place they are, or they are removed. (The ovaries produce eggs - so it is better not to remove). Instead of the extracted tooth can put the bridge in low vision - adjust his glasses, and if spayed, it has nothing to replace.

2. Very important - whether the egg from the ovary to get to the fallopian tube, where fertilization occurs it. If the pipes are removed or they have spikes (they block the road egg), then both the conception of natural way for purely mechanical reasons, is simply impossible.

3. Conception depends on whether - whether the egg is fertilized, it is sufficient for the sperm (the dissolution of shell eggs are involved just a lot of sperm, and can penetrate her only one).

4. How well can gain a foothold in the egg endometrial cancer (need good soil is able to nurture a new "germ" of life.

5. It is also important as the fetus will be able to grow and he will not stop at the time of its development in one of the periods of pregnancy. This stop is at the beginning or in the middle of a path is the missed abortion (fetal development freezes in place).

6. In addition, there are more abortions, the rejection of the fetus, increased uterine tone and so on.

With this in mind it is easy to understand how strong, harmoniously balanced and should be the woman's body for such a serious function, as conception and fetal development. A well regulated disturbed hormonal status is easy - taking hormones before pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives (OC). In addition, to prevent conception may purely mechanical reasons why the body is just not able to function normally (when it is not) - removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and so on.

Infertility treatment by homeopathy:

As a result, it is clear - when baking using homeopathy can help in the treatment of female infertility. And so:

1. Have to be in the presence of the ovary, which can produce eggs to sperm that were fertilized. Sometimes the site asked the question: "I have ovaries removed - which I take to get pregnant?" And I answer in such cases? What is needed to start the egg, which should highlight the ovary, which is removed? Or advised to use donor eggs?

2. Should be open passage between the uterus and ovary, that is to be available Fallopian tube (there is fertilization of an egg). If the Fallopian tube is impassable due to adhesions, which prevent the movement in it, there is a chance to remove adhesions using homeopathic medicines: Silicea, Graphite, plants of the family Cruciferae, and many others. Selection of homeopathic medicine is always dependent on the characteristics of the organism.

3. If the egg has reached the uterus, but can not be fertilized - you need to carefully analyze the features of the woman's body and determine the most appropriate homeopathic medicine for her. Most often in such cases will help the drug from hydrogen (Hydrogen), one of the salts of beryllium, boron, magnesium, aluminum, calcium, scandium, strontium, yttrium, barium, lanthanum, actinium. The treatment may be important, and other chemical elements (and their salts): titanium, zirconium and hafnium. In cases of large organic changes in the treatment of infertility may need homeopathic products - Germany, Plumbum, erbium.

4. Treatment (and better prevention) missed abortion - the most appropriate drugs, helium, neon, boron, argon, krypton, titanium, zirconium, hafnium, cerium, xenon, radon and other homeopathic medicines. And if the pregnancy was already fading, the treatment should start even before pregnancy.

5. In cases of recurrent abortions at different stages of fetal development, also need to determine the corresponding medication. Thus, in all these cases, you need medication, do not use "any" from the list, and clearly know their features, to appoint the most suitable. and plus, the drug of choice can always be that one single drug that is fully consistent with the person.

More precisely, a homeopathic drug (monotherapy) required for the treatment of infertility in each case is determined during a personal consultation with a homeopath. Over time, if necessary, to treatment prior to pregnancy or before the birth.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

                   February 21, 2013

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