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Radioactive elements - Actinides in homeopathy

Actinides, a group of radioactive elements in the periodic Mendeleyev. It consists of 14 chemical elements with atomic numbers(Z) 90 - 103. The entire line of actinides includes radioactive elements:

- Thorium (Th Z=90)
- Protactinium Pa(91)
- Uranium U (92)
- Neptunium Np(93)
- Plutonium Pu (94)
- Americium Am (95)
- Curium Cm(96)
- Berkelium Bk (97)
- Californium Cf (98)
- Einsteinium Es (99)
- Fermium Fm (100)
- Mendelevium Md (101)
- Nobelium (102)
- Lawrencium Lr (103)

All actinides are radioactive. that is, they have no stable isotopes. The first 3 elements - thorium, protactinium and uranium - all belong to the natural radioactive elements, and they occur in nature, and all the other actinides (transuranic elements) - are obtained artificially by nuclear reactions.

feature of actinides is that the structure of electron shells of atoms is very different from the structure of any other chemical elements in the periodic table series 1-7 DI Mendeleev, in which electrons are primarily filled outer electron shell around the nucleus of an atom.

Nucleus of an atom consists of elementary particles - protons (positively charged) and neutron (neutral). Between themselves they are bound by strong interaction (according to my theory depending on the rate of flow of time in the amount of space). The number of protons in the nucleus is equal to atomic number (Z) in the periodic table DI Mendeleev. Nucleus with the same number of protons and different numbers of neutrons are called isotopes.

This, the structure of atoms of actinides is very similar to the structure of lanthanide atoms. They, too, each new electron atoms appearing in parallel with increasing atomic number (Z) from 90 to 103, falls not on the outer electron shell of the atom, as in ordinary chemical elements, and fills the closer to the core of 5-th shell (only 7 shells).

At the same lanthanide filled with electrons closer to the nucleus (4-I) envelope, and not outside (of 6 shells). Therefore, the structure of the two outermost electron shells of actinides and lanthanides is similar, and hence the observed and the similarity of their properties are well visible even conducted provings.

Lately I have often analyzed the actinide group, as used in the form of homeopathic preparations are very promising in terms of depth of influence on the human body, since it has a great sense of despair over aging, destruction and disintegration of the body (radioactive elements degrade), and these feelings are not comparable with other (stable) chemical elements Table DI Mendeleev.

Refinement to the topic: information on this page is intended primarily for prescribers working in technique of Indian schools, as for homeopathy by the usual method (symptoms and modality), this information is not applicable. If someone is interested, I can share the results of the meditative provings actinides I spent with a single test in January 2011. The results of the provings me personally more than satisfied, especially because the theme of actinides in their essentially coincide with the themes of lanthanides, especially from 10 to 14 column, but the next was a pleasant surprise, to which I previously came before.

Provings actinides - Actinides in homeopathy

Dr. homeopath Grigor (Russia)

3. Actinium - light comes from above and it is good and moves like a man riding up and down from the forehead surrounding the ear to the back (left side). Is the wave of human right to left (it feels like energy).

4. Thorium - Rasshirayaet stacked inside, comes into his head stacked on top edge, and then expand the body expands and does not stop, energy expanding from within the entire body and goes cold on the back.

5. protactinium - expands the body from the shoulders - comes to mind and enhances the whole body and at this time is very cold on the back.

6. Uranium - these energy provokes a tumor on the left shoulder and the bitter cold on the back.

7. Neptunium - Physiological effect - the radioactive decay of neptunium emits high-energy?-Particle? Particles with an average energy. Physiological effect of neptunium depends on its valence state and pathways of the body. 60-80% of the neptunium is deposited in bones, and radiobiological half-life of neptunium from the body is 200 years old. This leads to a major radiation of bone tissue. Radiotoxicity of Np is lower than that of plutonium, because of lower specific activity.
  Name of the planet Neptune. Silvery-white metal. An artificial (in nature is found in trace amounts).
  Neptune - the substance is a brilliant gray as granite, associated with water, the water splashing around and in the Antarctic cold. These stones shine (they are instead of ice) and water, this dark, because is in the dark. This is the fracture energy associated with death.

8. Plutonium - solar energy - something heavy, slow razrushayushee, very cold. This energy can be compared with the anaconda - slowly creeping, and poses a threat.

9. Americium - very cold.

10. Curium - just chill in the left hand, but the power was somewhere good, but it affects the heart - cold in it aches.

11. Berklium - a hurricane, the destruction of the rain with strong wind, is to do nothing and stay at home. People in this rainy knows he has to hide.

12. California - Hurricane shakes the trees, demolishing the roof, and is already hard to go, and kept the rain, but still you can still get to the house and hide.

13. Einstein - storm cloud over you and it moves counterclockwise (tornado?), And you, as there compliant column rises, also rotates counter-clockwise and lifting. There is calm and there was nothing moving in the emotions.

14. Fermium - a mental pain that you go into this cloud, you know, it's forever, and there leave. Here a strong spiritual pain, not physical, and you can not change anything.

15. mendelevium - you look like the clouds are formed, like thunder. I watch as the image of the young clouds. That is, the black cloud is transformed into a gray young. You are standing, and that you have over your head, at an altitude of 20 meters form the clouds. You see, both from the storm clouds go clouds and they are divided. Are you scared, but curious.

16. Nobel - something light is in you. From the black clouds of gray clouds are formed, and they form something white and it goes to you - it rejuvenates you, you become younger. This is the bright hope.

17. Laurentiu - they give you something to a young, positive, that should be cured, but it is terrible to take, to experiment on myself. Are you a young child, the person you give, and it scares you. You know, that it should help, but you do not trust him.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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