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Homeopathic remedies number of iron (14 column)

On this page I present my knowledge about the general properties of the homeopathic remedy some iron - Germanium (Lat. Germanium). In the periodic table of chemical elements DI Mendeleev, Germanium has an atomic number 32, atomic weight 72.59, is denoted by - Ge.

Germanium - the substance of gray-white color with metallic luster. Interestingly, the germanium is present in almost all silicates, and silicates (Silicium) are the same as semiconductors, like Germany, which makes their properties partially similar, although as a semiconductor transistors - germanium transistors can withstand much lower operating temperature, and they are not designed such high voltage that can withstand flint semiconductor diodes and transistors.

Under the influence of flux, especially in the direction of the ultraviolet spectrum, with the help of such semiconductors can produce energy in the form of electrical potential difference, which is used in solar batteries. Germanium can be used as a detector of infrared radiation, but its efficiency in this case is not as high as when irradiated with ultraviolet spectrum with a wavelength shorter than 400 nm.

And now in more detail about the properties of homeopathic medicine Germanium in homeopathy. As is known, the main theme of Iron series - is the theme of protection, safety, precise work, public service routines. In this vein, it is convenient to describe the symptoms of homeopathic remedies Germanium as an example the door to the apartment, which is not locked from the inside, because if it malfunctions (or does not work) lock in the door.

Overall situation like this - there is a door into a private apartment, which is both inside and outside looks intact and undamaged, but it is not locked from the inside (broken lock) and go through it, you can proceed unchecked in any direction, even though inside, at least outwardly. But the owner of the premises is not satisfied, because do not have to go into all and sundry, and so he has a feeling of disappointment and a sense of danger from abroad.

It will already have a place tubercular miasm symptoms - hyperactivity, with frantic attempts to change something and make the door to function properly.

Person begins to spend much effort on it to restore security and close the open for all pass. He will insert the board as the latch into the door handle, tie the door handle to furniture exhausted and do anything, just to close it from inside and not let it be open to all in both directions.

The same principle is in the process of electron emission through the semiconductor. Electrons when a potential difference (the appearance of voltage) can pass freely in one direction only, but in the opposite direction - the door is completely closed to them. But if there is an electrical breakdown of the semiconductor (due to the applied voltage is too high), the structure of a substance is broken (external elements is as fully functional and non-destructive), and the electrons can already travel freely in both directions.

Determine such a violation can only be for specific inspection of a semiconductor element with an ohmmeter, which always will - the element is functioning correctly, or its structure is broken. A violation of the structure and function of the item - a very important topic for any preparation of the mineral kingdom.

Same way we can check whether the door - you need to specifically pull the handle out, and then find that it does not fulfill their protective function, though externally it looks decent. Or, you can check out a public servant and to understand that it does not perform his responsibilities, because they do not know what to do or something he had broken (the computer). That's why people are always afraid of Germany respective audits. In the same situation might be a student or a student who does not know the subject at the time of exams - he even called the student, but does not know the material, and therefore afraid to check.

In other words, the ground in this preparation - visibility of work, study or protection.

Example hyperactivity tubercular miasm can be reduced further and the situation in the family when the husband can not or do not want some time to perform its functions, and the wife (as an example of hyperactivity) arranges his tantrum, thereby increasing and so attached to it (until yet operating) voltage. As a result, this can happen a peculiar breakdown of the elements, and although superficially in the future will look like sedate and dignified, but to work and functioning after that, he will not be so. And if there is no ongoing monitoring and verification from the side it will create only a semblance of functioning, love, etc.

This is very similar to the theme of plant family Rosaceae, where the family remains the only semblance of love and relationships. Or to be more precise, this plant - Spirea ulmariya - "Fighting has ceased to live a separate meeting for breakfast, a semblance of marriage according to the protocol for all species." But it will approach the situation if a family member who is treated by a homeopath, refers to the kingdom of plants, rather than minerals. Same giperativnost can occur in animals - goat, Mara, in insects, and even intangible objects - magnetic field horseshoe magnet.

In other words - in the case of homeopathic remedies Germanium, there will always be (in all aspects) visibility of (mechanism, a body hormone), study or defense without any visible external injuries.

In the form of a salt product can be selected for treatment if the disease state was caused by something outside. For example - a child genuinely does not know or could not figure out how to make some kind of forgery of paper, put the numbers or how to combine letters into syllables and syllables in words. But his mother does not understand this, because she thinks that everything is simple and starts screaming at him.

I would not write about it if it did not sound in the texts of letters coming to me. So, the child feverishly (hard) trying to understand what was wanted of him, but he can not. At the same time, screaming at him that he did what he was saying. As a result, the natural tension Mind baby grows into a voltage, and there is "a kind of breakdown in his psyche. Although outwardly after the child is not changing, but in his soul all his life has to be something wrong. And it is very difficult to treat diseases that have it (because of the surge) will be in the future.

Just imagine - externally it looks very good, all organs and all tests are normal, but people are constantly ill. Cured in the usual way such pathology is unlikely to be possible, since it will be a strong anchor inside ... It will only be possible at the time only to suppress. In contrast, the treatment method of homeopathy in such cases there is a chance, because you can assign a product which takes into account fixed in the last state, because of which it all started.

In this example, the cure would be homeopathic medicine - Germanium muriaticum, and if such a mental breakdown was caused by another situation, it would require a different salt of Germany.

Thus it is possible to develop a theme of any homeopathic remedies, and gradually I'll do it.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

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