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Rare earth elements - Lanthanides

Lanthanides (Lanthanides) - a large and interesting group of rare earth metals 6 series (a series of gold) of the Periodic System of chemical elements of Mendeleev. From other chemical elements (except for actinides), Lanthanides are characterized in that the accumulation of electrons in them are not on the outer orbit, like any other chemical elements, but on the deeper inner orbits, which makes them unique properties of other chemical elements.

Lanthanides are used in modern electronics, heavy-duty magnets (Neodymium), lighting equipment - light-emitting diodes, etc.

Given their depth of "occurrence" of the electrons in the lanthanide, they are used in homeopathy is not easy to treat superficial disease and treat and restore the self-regulatory mechanisms in the body at the deepest level of immune processes - self-regulation (self - auto) body (autoimmune processes) - AIDS (due to the effects on the body of human immunodeficiency virus), autoimmune thyroiditis, systemic lupus erythematosus and other autoimmune and systemic disease.

Homeopaths who know Lanthanides, appreciate them for their strength and depth of therapeutic action, and for that of the often compared even with the feats of Hercules - Nemean Lion, Hydra Lerneyskaya (won it with his nephew Iolaya), wild boar Erimanfsky, Kirineyskaya deer, birds Stimfaliyskie (Samarium), Augean stables (victory by force of mind), the Cretan bull (the Minotaur), the horses of Diomedes, a belt Hippolyta (Hippolytus - the queen of the Amazons), the cows of Geryon, the apples of Hesperides (forced, as a Titanium Atlanta to keep on his shoulders the firmament), hell dog Cerberus, Rab omphalitis (award in a contest of archers was Iola - daughter of King Evrita, but victory in the race did not give Hercules her...). At the end of the story of Hercules soul is purified, becomes immortal, and he is on Mount Olympus, which is reconciled with Hera.

I also saw the effects of these homeopathic remedies, as in my practice there were cases when, soon after their admission to women, "could" quickly become pregnant, although this was not the aim of treatment (already age: and so on).

Lanthanide salt crystals - photo

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