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Evolution of the Universe

On this page I will lay out my vision that comes as a result of my own analysis of origin of the Universe and its evolution. In a certain sense I was also helped by homeopathy as gradation from particulars to generals always simplifies understanding of the subject. I have been thinking a lot about the Big Bang, the structure of the Universe and its future. Perhaps it is already known and described but I formulated my theory independently and I will represent it anyway.

Everything in our world is interconnected. The understanding of each subsequent thing results from the understanding of the previous one. Any person is a unique personality with specific thoughts, behavior and desires but there is something that all people have without exception. And I do not mean the organization of human body because even twins do not have the same. It is a question about much more complicated things.

Any person comes into the world and dies. It has a high symbolic value because it's quite the thing that band people together as we all have the beginning and the ending. In other words, the process of development and periodicity has a strong resemblance to the minerals of the Mendeleev's Periodic Table.

The same processes tend to occur in nature. The seasons follow each other and life cycles are repeated. Planets orbit their stars, comets under the influence of gravitation as well fly round, stars are born and then they die. The same thing happens to the Universe. In the beginning there was the Big Bang (The Big Bang Theory) and after that the Universe started to expand. Simultaneously new stars, people and seasons appeared and disappeared.

But how will the Universe end? Considering the affinity of the material it can be assumed that at a certain time, the expansion of the Universe may be stopped by the gravitational pull and then it may contract again. But having understood once the very essence of time, vacuum and gravitation it is possible to come to a different solution.

Essentially, vacuum is unspent energy in its purest form. And this form is opposite to gravitation and especially to its extreme state when time is already static. This state is close to the one at the center of a black hole when all free energy is used and went into motion.

Basically, vacuum is pure destructive energy and nothing can resist it because any substance or matter, being inside it, will always reach the state of pure energy, in other words, the one of pure vacuum. Vacuum in its purest form can break off any energetic links between atoms of substance. I do not mean the vacuum in space or the vacuum especially created in the vacuum systems but I am talking about the absolute vacuum that is impossible to create artificially.

Considering the continuous process of the expanding of the Universe and boundless space, it is easy to understand that the size of the Universe always tends to infinity. Upon that, the influence of gravitation between material bodies in the Universe will inevitably decrease and vacuum rarefaction will be more considerable in course of time. According to it, all matter of stars and planets will begin to disappear (collapse) gradually and even black holes will have nothing to pull to themselves on for lack of any substance near to the radius of their event horizon.

Gradually, the scales between gravitation and vacuum hanging even, will be weighted on behalf of vacuum. As soon as rarefaction of space in the expanding Universe will reach its critical point, all substance of the Universe will be substituted by energy in its purest form.

This suggests that at very large distances from the center of the Universe or rather from the point where Big Bang occurred and where there are no traces of matter, the level of gravitation will be equal to zero and all space will be occupied by energy in its purest form.

But are there any chances that at another point of the Universe before or after “our” Big Bang exactly the same great explosion could happen? And might it be that their Universe is moving towards ours gradually rarefying and disappearing on the way? This is a mystery that can’t be solved by anybody because nothing and no one would be able to cross this ocean of net energy to inform us of their existence.

What interesting comes next? If you consider that the elements of the Mendeleev's Periodic Table are progressing on the principle of increasing of their atomic mass, you can see that regular changes of the amount of electrons in the outer electron orbits of atoms result in gradual instability, fragility and fission of elements. This process even applies to the inert gas Radon that already has 8 electrons in its outer orbit and should be logically stable apart from its considerable atomic mass.

I also added to the system so-called immaterial goods i.e. the magnetic fields, radiation, vacuum, gravity and so on of my own free choice. It is only possible to determine the position of each element by its general features and in this case I was assisted by the analytical approach of homeopathy. Radiation of any type can be placed in a corresponding column of the table. But there is a complicated question – where is the place of the antimatter (the matter consisting of antiparticles)? Would it be more columns in the table or just one box?

In theory, the antimatter could be attributed to immaterial goods but only on the basis of its instability in our space. And on the other hand, in the Anti-universe all should consist of the antimatter where it would be quite stable and would behave as a normal matter. Is it the mystery of black holes and the original Big Bang? As if in one point of space the Universe where we live and its opposite the Anti-universe touched by accident or by chance?

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

                   February 21, 2013

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