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Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming... Usually it is a dream or a vivid and fantastically improbable state in which I have a deep person gets the opportunity to realize himself in his new environment of extraterrestrial reality? The answer to this question will be later, but first a few words about ordinary dreams.

Me personally, they were surprised by the fact that even the most unusual situation in the dream are perceived as self-evident, as the most common reality. And where would not seek an answer to this question, there is always the same story - all that he sees the dreamer, is the result of REM sleep and imagination of our brain.

I do not know whether all believe it, but some people know that there are very different - lucid dreaming, in which the sleeping person no longer plays the role of puppets in a thoughtful performance by someone unknown, and is able consciously to act and react to its surrounding environment in its discretion and in accordance with their wishes.

Just imagine that in the dream man walks down the street and suddenly realize... This is a dream! And now he realizes that he can think and reason, to see the surrounding environment, nature, people, that they can engage in dialogue and get answers that are sometimes staggering. But if it does not apply to, then that «play», which was to realizing a dream, suddenly stops, and it «actors »abruptly stopped their game to realizing how what happens guest... Although they can still give way or to answer questions if they are to ask.

And yet inexplicable that, if instead of asking about something abstract or academic who met a man there to ask: - "if he knew it was a dream?", The usual reaction - it's an invisible wall, which immediately arises between you and the man... That is, his whole appearance and behavior, he makes it clear he does not want to talk about it, and at best he just backed away from you back, as did everyone else seemed to understand that you have exposed all of their performance. Well, as usual, the dreamer immediately thrown out of a dream, like a ball from under the water, and the person wakes up.

And something for me personally, such a wall has become familiar. Especially bright it feels when it comes to talking about what time and gravity are not randomly related to each other, and it can be used as algorithm for prediction of earthquakes, tsunami, etc. Immediately get the feeling that between you and another person someone built this wall, and he did so only because of the subject could not talk. It has no direct relation to the subject of the article, but feel the wall in life and dreams are very similar.

There is another difference from the ordinary conscious sleep. As you know, the dream a man sees in REM sleep, and after a few minutes after waking up from them no trace remains, and in many cases, the person and do not remember my dreams. In contrast, every moment of lucid dreaming is remembered for a lifetime. And the higher the awareness, the more bright and crisp it looks to an observer, so after that our ordinary reality seem dull and monotonous.

Some people, ability to lucid dreaming more, and others less, but everyone who has ever experienced such an awareness, trying to reach her again and again and again. A sense of awareness is difficult to describe, and easier to find for this comparison. The Word - «enlightenment» in its meaning fits most.

There are several techniques for what to learn how to realize a dream, it was a dream. On the one hand, they are simple, but on the other, not everyone is able to meet them, as for this man must be very strong will.

First method: - while dreaming of any of the grounds need to understand that the reality that going around in principle - impossible, that is in it something strange. (Man runs so fast that overtakes the car, or fly like a bird, is in an unknown city, or talking to people that no longer exist, etc.) Typically, this will automatically lead you to question yourself - "This is that dream?" And this is very important technique. And further, we must try to understand, is it really a dream. To do this, you can remember what city you live, what is your name that you did the day before, or at least remember what you need to look at his hands. If this fails, then we can consider the hands carefully. In this case, you will notice that they constantly change shape - becoming palm rear brush, or changing its size, or it will be some other transformation. Or, given the fact that when the stability of consciousness disappears, you can try to read the same text 2 times in a row, but after the first reading at the moment take your eyes away. After that, the site of the former phrase can be seen completely different. Likewise, you can see the arrows or digit hours. This is a very complicated procedure, but it is most effective.

Second technique: - falling asleep at will not give sleep your mind is constantly thinking about one thing, literally holding it for a moment the idea. In this case, at some point in time can experience a slight feeling of falling through. This will be the moment of falling asleep the physical body. If after that to make themselves "open your eyes, you will see a completely different room and atmosphere, the light in the window (although in the street the night), but instead of his reflection in the mirror you can see a stranger to you man... And with all this, one can clearly recognize that up until now you did not lose my mind and in full control of your mind. But oddly enough, even such a sudden change reality, it is still often can not understand that this is a dream.

And further, since you have already awakened his subconscious mind and understand what is happening, you will master the situation and can do almost everything your heart desires. You can chat with other people, ask where they are, year of birth (sometimes this information makes you wonder), it is possible to fly, be where your heart desires and see to whom you want to see. This is another reality, and you can make friends with her, if not speak for other people that this is all a dream and behave decently.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

                   February 21, 2013

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