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StarGate, or a wormhole in space

Wormholes in the universe, or as they are called - Wormholes, a very interesting topic for thought, especially if you try to understand what features for moving in space must have a real model of such a device. Here I present my reflections and, therefore, it may not coincide with what is usually written in the encyclopedia.

Thus, the challenge is to pull together two points arbitrarily remote space. This may be similar to the south and north poles of magnets, plus and minus, the substance and the substance - regions of space having an internal movement, and hence the mass and gravity.

In simplified form, it looks like a cube, which has two parallel faces. One of these faces belongs to one plane of space, and the second side - the other, remote from the first normal space at least 1 millimeter, at least 1 million light years away. Distance in this case does not really matter, as a prerequisite for this - that the two sides of this imaginary cube must always be near, and the closer the better, since the transition through space at the same time takes the least time.

Distance between the planes of the cube will depend on the technical specifications established by the wormhole in space and, hence, consumption of energy.

We all know that it is impossible to give energy to both inputs simultaneously, so Nora must be created only at certain times, due to changes in properties of only one entrance to the minimum time to bring together both sides of the tunnel. That is, in the beginning, the cube - this is not a cube, and a very long rectangular prism. As conditions change from one of the sides with the length of the prism is declining rapidly just prior to the thickness of the plane, so that the anterior and posterior parts of the same object can simultaneously be on different sides of this plane.

If the (input) will be made of solid material, then it makes no sense, since no material object through them will not penetrate, and it is impossible to create something tangible at the other end of the universe, yet there no getting. Vertical electric field ion is also not suitable for the same reason, though, they are already passable for material objects.

Most suitable option is to use a resonance effect with respect to gravity, as in this case, two volumes of space with the same properties necessarily begin to converge with each other, regardless of the distance between them. Gravitational fields of objects in outer space is always interact with each other, and represent a huge three-dimensional grid energy links in the universe. All of these objects do not have 100% of the affinity between themselves and therefore their impact on the property of the wormhole would tend to zero.

But here's the problem ... When using ordinary gravity is impossible to artificially alienate one from the other face of the cube at an arbitrarily distant distance, because they will always strive to one another. Therefore, at this point brings to mind the word Anti-Gravity, which may possess the same properties as the gravity of relation to antimatter, but when you use a certain energy, the cube distance themselves immediately to the equivalent of energy expended distance, and any material object in our world got into such a field on the one hand, will be immediately thrown out of her anti-gravity on the other side of the wormhole.

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

                   February 21, 2013

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