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Photo Gallery - Wallpaper

London - Big Ben

England, or as it is called - Albion, London - capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Big Ben - the clock on the tower of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Albizia julibrissin, plants described in of science-fiction story Lampyridae of the Universe - www.homeo.su

Lankaran acacia - (Lat. Albizia julibrissin). The family of Leguminosae.

Ginkgo Biloba - relict plant

Ginkgo Biloba - relict plant, representative of the class Ginkgoaceae (Ginkgoopsida). Tree height of 5 meters.

Sciurus vulgaris

Squirrel. The starting material for the homeopathic remedy of proteins is her fur coat and a fluffy tail. Homeopathic remedies called - Sciurus vulgaris.

Switzerland, Zurich

Zurich - large city in the north-east Switzerland. Located at the source of the Limmat River (Limmat) in the northern part of Lake Zurich, 30 kilometers north of the Alps. Zurich - the largest in the country's most populous city - 360 thousand inhabitants, and thus, for many years, Zurich is considered the most comfortable city in the world. Official language - German. In the center of the photo symbol of Zurich - Great Cathedral Grossm?nster (German Grossmunster) uvenchanchanny two tall towers. Built in the classical Roman style on the site of the ancient church of the Carolingian.

Switzerland, Zurich

Switzerland, Zurich

Nature Switzerland

Nature Switzerland


Cechy. Beautiful country and live in her leisurely people, with some spirit of antiquity and tranquility. Or where you can still see a lot of uncollected fungi, like in the movies, the tales of Alexander's Row, the old cabin in the woods (see this far from the place Libava in North Moravia), and the field beside the road on which quietly running hares?

Sea and pine

View from the cliffs above the sea. The entire slope is strewn with rocks fallen pine needles, and on a hot day when the hot air passes from the foot of the mountain top, it's so saturated with aroma of pine needles that its refreshing scent and flavor can not be forgotten and words.

Girl Elf

Girl Elf. These fabulous creatures are somewhat similar to a tribe of humanoids Na'Vi from the movie Avatar, or fairies from the movie Country fairies - perhaps their attitude towards the surrounding nature.

Cottage in the woods

Cottage in the woods

Red tulips

Red tulips

Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle

Butterfly, butterflies

Butterfly on a flower.


Marigold (lat. Tagetes) - plant of the family Asteraceae. The same family of plants include - Arnica, Chamomilla, Taraxacum, Senecio, Bellis perenis, and others.

Periwinkle (Lat. Vinca minor)

Periwinkle (Lat. Vinca minor). Used as a medicine in homeopathy.

Bumblebee (Lat. Bombus pratorum)

Bumblebee (Lat. Bombus pratorum). Used as a medicine in homeopathy, although not as often as Apis mellifica (honeybee).

Bumble bee on a flower

Bumble bee on a flower (Lat. Bombus pratorum)

Fly on the green blade of grass (Musca_domestica)

Fly on the green blade of grass

White Flower

White Flower


Japan. here is venerated by the Japanese Fuji (Fujiyama) - active volcano on the Japanese island of Honshu (150 km west of Tokyo). Has the ideal conical shape and is the subject of the cult Japanese. Height - 3,776 m The crater of the volcano reaches 500 meters in diameter and 200 feet deep.


Fujiyama, Japan


This kind of open to those who come to Japan and will rise to Fuji. Dawn above the clouds.


Irises (Lat. Iris)

Skala Kiseleva, Tuapse

Skala Kiseleva, a few km from Tuapse to the side of Gelendzhik. Its height is 40 meters. At the foot of the rock filmed an episode of the movie Diamond Arm. Before the rock has high ridges of rock - long underwater rocks, running almost parallel to the shore, so that in fact the middle of deep space can be detected long towering track.

Sakura in Kyoto

Japan. Sakura in Kyoto

Beetle Praying Mantis (Lat. Mantis religiosa)

Beetle Praying Mantis (Lat. Mantis religiosa).Used as a medicine in homeopathy.

Pine trees over the sea

Pine trees over the sea

Island in the ocean

Island in the ocean

Sea rainbow

Picture taken on the Black Sea, where there is visible trace of a rainbow on a white cloud.

Butterfly on pink flowers

Butterfly on pink flowers

Sakura Branch

Sakura Branch. Japanese cherry blossoms beautifully, but no fruit. A flower petal, accidentally flown into a cup of Japanese, leads him to a tremulous delight, and for a long time makes him a happy man.

Young wheat

Young wheat



Thai kittens

Thai kittens ate and slept. Interestingly, the same way imposes on the cat paw cat himself, the father of the offspring.

Thai cats - a married couple

Lucky cat family (cat closer). For 10 years they have been born more than 70 kittens. Every time varies from 3 to 6 kittens, and so - 2 times a year.

Thai cat

Thai cat - the father of the family.

Pine needles and the sky

Pine needles and the sky.

Dragonfly (Lat. Odonata)

Dragonfly - Enallagma cyathigerum

Tulip - photos

Red tulip


Switzerland, Zurich - considered the most comfortable city in the world.

Pink rose (Lat. Rosa)

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