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Youthfulness and time

Several times during the treatment by homeopathy, I noticed that people who apparently just getting any younger. Explanation of this I could not find, except that it was a sort of reatsiya the decision of the homeopathic remedy. Now there is even possible to use the Indian method of determining drugs to conduct such an experiment - instead of describing the disease to analyze the description of aging at the level of sensations.

For this I will advise you on the site with 10 different people aged 35 to 45 years. After this experiment, each participant reported his medication.

is likely that people will come to one and the same group of drugs, because the aging process and care of youth - the only thing that is always and without exception, is repeated for all people on Earth.

can go the other way, as did the legendary Chinese Tsinyun Lee (Chinese. 李清雲). He one time per week burned biologically active point just below the knee, and as a result have lived 256 years (1677-1933g.g.). However, it is possible that it was his personal point of biological and other people of his technique to extend the youth will not work.

I already have a suggestion to which the realm of nature would include homeopathic medicines uchityvayushie leaving grind, but it's just my opinion, and it would be better if you learn how other people feel.

Those people who would wish to hold these consultations should be able to describe everything in detail at the level of sensations, but after properly to medication, they can order it in one of the homeopathic pharmacies in Europe.

The correspondence will be important information relates only to feelings of impending leaving youth and old age. Any other information from the message - the diagnoses carried out before treatment, and similar information not related to the theme of youth, I will delete the messages. Posts like "I had a little wrinkle and I'm very worried," will not be considered. The best option is to compare age with anything, as it currently represents people and write about it.

Your messages write on the page contacts site, in section "subject" refers to - youth. After otprvvki messages on a string "name" of a line is "Your message was sent successfully." Be sure to write First Name, age and city of residence. The list of people who want to undertake such consultations:

Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor

                   February 21, 2013

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