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Homeopathic i-Clinic of Sergey Grigor

Site www.homeo.suhomeopathic i-clinic of Sergey Grigor. Information about the theory and tactics of homeopathy treatment. Individual treatment and prevention of diseases. Recommendations on the site for the treatment of adults and children.

Homeopathic i-Clinic of Sergey Grigor

often helps to restore people's health or improve their quality of life. For those who are interested in this method of treatment in the homeopathy section, one can find a lot of useful information on the history of the method, the basic theory and tactics of treatment.

include a list of many nosological forms of disease. On practical examples of treatment, one can see the procedure for determining a homeopathic medicine, and what is the generality and difference of treatment according to a simple classical technique, and the more complex but effective method of the Indian school of homeopathy.

– a large section of the site of the homeopathic i-clinic, contains many recommendations for the treatment of homeopathy with the help of homeopathic preparations (monopreparations). In the public domain you can see how the treatment is carried out. There is a search for a keyword.

how to treat or improve his or her health. The treatment suits people of all ages, including infants. Homeopathic Clinic of Sergey Grigor gives such an opportunity.

of a homeopath. On the pages of this section, you can see a large number of recommendations for restoring health. All recommendations are given by the homeopath in response to questions from the visitors of the site of the homeopathic i-clinic. Available to view questions and answers starting in 2009 and select a section of medicine.

at new consultations for convenience is rendered on a separate page with the exact date of the answer.

about the consultations on the site, how to correctly describe your feelings and features of manifestations of the disease – all this is important for the most accurate definition of homeopathic medicine for each individual person.

in a homeopath does not depend on the country of residence, any person can, if desired, contact the doctor on video communication personally. During the first consultation on skype with video, the homoeopathic preparation corresponding to the person is determined. Then treatment begins. In the course of treatment, it is adjusted.

. The list of homeopathic monopreparations in alphabetical order – Russian and Latin names. Next to the names of many medicines you can see photos of plants, animals and minerals from which they are made.

of homeopathic medicines is presented in full. The features of the distribution of homeopathic remedies according to the kingdoms of nature, including new preparations from physical fields and radiations are shown.

homeopathy better at any level or just master it for yourself and your family – and that's possible. The homeopathic i-clinic of Dr. Grigor provides such an opportunity. All the necessary information on the technique and tactics of treatment – 32 audio lectures.

of the homeopathic i-clinic of Dr. Sergey Grigor for patients and guests of the site contains reviews about the treatment with a homeopath in the section of free consultations.

... What if the constant ignoring of a pretty woman by a man's half or nefotogenichnost imagine how a painful condition with symptoms and sensations? Is it possible to determine the medicine in this case? What can change homeopathy? The author's technique.

as a "disease"? Once started to explore this topic.

contains selected photos from travels – nature, cities, monuments of architecture.

are a work of the author, a science fiction story about life in civilization beyond our Universe. In this story he put his knowledge of homeopathy, the physics of time, and how this affects our life.

about animals, about the cities of Switzerland, Bavaria, Catalonia. Immediately published author's articles on the properties of time, gravity and space. Information about Hatha Yoga, lucid dreaming and development of intuition.



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